Leonardo is a genius. Or rather Leonardo is THE Genius, THE Creator par excellence. He was responsible for the Tower of Pisa, the helicopter, whisky, the wheeled suitcase and the artificial seasickness generator. Among thousands of equally improbable and indispensable creations.
He is the master of lanachronism and improbable associations.
One could certainly reproach him for his notorious lack of modesty or his tyrannical attitude.
We? Basil especially. His disciple. Or his guinea pig, because one is needed. As a result, the poor apathetic fellow undergoes the worst mutilations in the course of the albums, repeating to himself that he “serves science and that it is his joy”. His paradise is his bed, but his master has more than one trick up his sleeve when it comes to getting him out. Sometimes inventive, the disciple has sometimes brought his stone to the scientific building: we owe him the invention of the farniente of the machine to travel in the present and the Basile method (attributed Coué by inadvertence)

The adventures of Leonardo have sold more than 6 million copies, with an average print run of 75,000 copies for each new title. The authentic genius knows no borders, and his inventions are exported in 15 languages, from Chinese to American. The Leonardo series has been translated and published (albums and/or press) in Dutch, Greek, Basque, Polish, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin), Croatian, Czech, Indonesian, Arabic (Egypt), German, Portuguese (Portugal-Brazil), English (USA) (extract from the official website)