Like everyone else

Jalil can’t believe it: the day he wins the final of the TV game show “Like everyone else”, a wonderful young woman falls into his arms and his life starts to look like a dream. How would he know that his beloved Claire is a desperate actress whose mission is to seduce him and share his life?

Unbeknownst to him, Jalil has a gift that is as infallible as it is inexplicable: no matter what question is asked, he always gives the answer of the majority. He alone is the ideal sample, a godsend for opinion pollsters, especially those from Somadi who have discovered him. Here he is, permanently observed and tested by an enormous device of which Claire is the centerpiece.

But for the actress, the challenge is more difficult than expected. Living in a lie, she starts to lose her convictions and her feelings…

A kind of love at first sight!
After the surprising Thomas est amoureux, Comme tout le monde is the second feature film by Walloon director Pierre-Paul Renders, who, without denying his originality, opens up more clearly to the general public. The film is produced by the company Les Ateliers De Baere in co-production with the Brussels company Entre Chien et Loup.
Comme tout le monde is presented as a romantic comedy (marketing on the French territory) which can also be seen/sold as an auteur film (positioning of the film internationally). He can, moreover, count on the charismatic presence of Thierry Lhermitte, who is always in great demand. Note also that this film marks the first steps as a screenwriter of the author of comics Denis Lapierre, one of the great signatures of the Dupuis stable. An option which, in terms of production, accentuates the Walloon character of the project, which is already effective in terms of the technical team and part of the shooting.