Pom, the Foal

In the forest, Mirabelle, the mare, is proud in more than one way: she is Pom’s mother and she is the best horse in the team that helps the lumberjacks. She likes to pull the felled logs with the other horses and skidders. Unjustly blamed for an accident that injured the boss’s son, she is sold and separated from her foal. Julien, the old groom, would like to help the young horse, but Pom is desperate. As a good mother, Mirabelle will do anything to find her son.

Wallimage enthusiastically embarked on the co-production of this superbly told, well-constructed story, authentically rooted in Wallonia.
The cast is led by the French actor Richard Bohringer, but all the other roles are Belgian and especially Walloon. The production company was created for this project, but works in co-production with the French production company “La Chauve Souris”, which produced Le Petit Poucet and Dobermann.
Unquestionably, the Walloon impact is strong both economically and symbolically. As the supply of European family films for children is very limited, the long-term success of the film, although not assured, is a real probability.