Success Story

A few major brands have marked the history of Belgium: in what context did their founder imagine the product? How did the brand find its first customers? Throughout history, what major difficulties has the company encountered and how did it overcome them? How did the history of the group also intersect with the history of Belgium? What strategy was favored for international development?

On Sunday, October 16, 2016, RTL TVI will broadcast the first episode of the event program “Success Story”. Financed by the Tax Shelter and Wallimage, this 100% Belgian documentary series produced by Medianext TV traces the history of the country’s most beautiful entrepreneurial sagas.

The first issue will be dedicated to Spa, a Royal spring
Today, Spa water is the market leader in the Benelux for mineral water. His group, Spadel, is also active in France and Great Britain through well established local brands.

But Spa is first and foremost a famous spring whose reputation goes back to the Roman Empire. For centuries, it has been called the miracle water for its therapeutic properties. From all over Europe, personalities go there to be treated: Casanova, the Russian Tsar Peter the Great, Victor Hugo and of course the Belgian Queen Marie-Henriette. This last one will give its name to a spring and to the origin of the name of the water “Spa Reine”.

Leau de Spa is also the story of a family business. Find out how Ernest du Bois took over the company in the 1920s. What were the difficulties encountered by his successors in preserving water quality? Relive also the formidable history of the marketing of the brand with the creation of the character Pierrot in 1922 but also the controversies caused by the nudity appearing on a poster in the 1980s.

Success Story finally reveals the secrets of Spa’s strategy that allowed it to conquer the heart of the Belgians and how it intends to keep this leading position in the future.