The Congress

Director Robin Wright has made some poor career choices and is in the doldrums. The studio then offers to sign a contract to virtualize it. It is his (rejuvenated) image that will appear in the films. One condition: she must leave the business. In exchange: a huge amount of money. She is convinced, if only to have the opportunity to raise her young son who suffers from a rare disease.

The film, shot in live action and animation, is a (distant) adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s novel The Futurology Congress, a prophetic but outdated SF classic that needed to be brought up to date. Ari Folman has made a very personal work that fits into the wave of fake biopics (In the Mind of John Malkovitch, the recent fake documentary on Joaquim Phoenix). Robin Wright (ex Penn) plays with her image with a lot of second degree.