With his two colleagues, Dimitri, 25 years old, sells turnkey houses. Contemplative and dumped in a denatured environment, he is bored. The rumors that he lets run about his strange past will intrigue Jeanne and push Cathy to meet him.

This particularly demanding undertaking is a major step for the Liège-based production company Versus, which is presenting its first feature film as line producer. A first feature by Walloon Bouli Lanners, which from the outset is clearly a “Belgian” work of art : a contemporary western conceived as a radical project in terms of its story, its cast without headliners and its black and white support.
To achieve its goal, Versus managed to maintain a judicious balance between the limited budget and the creative freedom sought by the director. The reinvestment in Wallonia is particularly important thanks to 51 days of shooting as well as part of the post-production and technical team. It is also an opportunity for many young Walloon technicians and actors to assert themselves, like Hélène de Reymaecker from Montpellier, who is marvelous in this first role.