11th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session : A hurricane !

  • 08.05.2012

Adapted from Mo Hayder‘s landmark novel, De Behandeling plunges a gifted young cop into a delicate investigation that will throw him into his painful past. Offered by Eyeworks, this very dark and high tension thriller will be directed by Hans Herbots who should impress everyone with his series The Spiral (co-financed by Wallimage/Bruxellimage) which will be broadcasted in the fall. One of the assets of this film will be its main interpreter, a certain Matthias Schoenaerts. That, coincidence of the calendar, we will also find in The Waste Land that brought us Epidemic. In this strange and creepy thriller in the heart of the Brussels night, Matthias will play a detective confronted with a ritual murder… and with his upcoming fatherhood. Pieter van Hees, who already had Matthias in the exciting Linkerover, is back with the same team as in De Rouille et d’ Os : Bouli Lanners will have a very important role.

Mobius is also a thriller. The new feature film by French director Éric Rochant(Les Patriotes, Mafiosa) will plunge us into the heart of modern finance and its unbelievable shady schemes. Its heroine, a trader in the service of the CIA, falls under the spell of a Francophile Russian agent. And the thriller turns into a Hitchcockian love story under very high tension. Star of the film? Cécile de France. His servant knight? Jean Dujardin who, in his team, can count on a certain Émilie Dequenne. Thanks to a wise co-production byArtemis, Brussels will host the shooting in June for about ten days. Great show!

To make up for all the chills, the session needed a pint of hearty laughter. It will come to us from My Friend Vijay, Sam Garbarski ‘s fourth feature film, which offers an international fantasy and a royal cast. Moritz Bleibtreu, German film star seen in Lola Run, Soul Kitchen, Munich, Das Experiment or The Baader Gang will try in its own special way to win back its wife, played on screen by the American star Patricia Arquette (heroine of the series Medium, but also of Lost Highway and True Romance). Entre Chien et Loup has pulled out all the stops for this zany comedy where a man everyone thinks is dead attends his own funeral dressed as a flamboyant Hindu.

Regional economic funds are not limited to feature films. The proof is in the hurricanes. This three-part series, which will be broadcast worldwide, focuses on a mysterious meteorological phenomenon with breathtaking technical means. The first episode focuses on the birth of hurricanes, the second on their impact on nature and the third tries to take stock of the future development of the phenomenon and the dangers (and benefits) for humans. The co-production of Climax allows Belgian technicians and leading companies such as Mikros and Digital Graphics to work on this ambitious project which will be shot in 3D.

Enthusiastic, isn’t it? And very fruitful for the overall economy of both regions. This of course remains the fundamental objective of these funding sessions.