12th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session : Diversity !

  • 11.10.2012

The first project selected is quite original. This is even a first for the mixed fund, which will co-finance a series for teenagers intended for European distribution with the stated ambition of competing with similar productions from the United States. Switch by Phil Ox, co-produced by Be Films, features a young music star flanked by … a fairy and a witch. In a crazy atmosphere, it goes without saying. It is a youth series in real life, co-produced for NickelOdeon and Canal j and financed by France, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain, for the worldwide television market. It will be filmed in 3D by the Walloon director Bruno Degrave, but also reedited and exploited in 2D. It will also be the very first production to be shot on the 3 sets of the brand new Pôle Image de Liège studios!

Plan Bart tells the story of Sarah, 34 years old, promised to a brilliant career in the advertising world. When Joeri, the man she has been living with for ten years, confesses that he does not want children, it is a cold shower. She leaves him and persuades Bart, a former boyfriend, an inveterate bachelor, to make her a baby in exchange for money. They agree to never see each other again… This post-modern romcom produced by Caviar is about a generation of thirty-somethings from all over Flanders, who have meanwhile started a life in the capital of Europe. The script is signed by director Roel Mondelaers and Hans Van Nuffel (director ofAdem). The technical team is a real dream team with the DP Franck Van Den Eeden (Ensors 2012 for The Invader), the editor Philippe Ravoet (Ensors 2012 for Tot Altijd) and the composer Raf Keunen(Rundskop).

Still in Brussels, but also in Wallonia, Catherine Breillat is currently shooting her new feature film, Abus de Faiblesse. Isabelle Huppert plays a filmmaker, paralyzed by a health problem, who is conned by a con artist she has taken under her wing. And this, with full knowledge of the facts. Or almost. Co-produced by Iris, this script is largely inspired by the true story that happened to the director. To face his double on the screen, Catherine Breillat has chosen Kool Shen who, like his former partner Joey Starr, intends to impose himself in the world of cinema after having reigned for years on the French rap scene.

During a previous session of Wallimage, the board of directors of the Walloon fund had decided to co-finance a documentary series already brought by Climax which proposed to study in an original but didactic way the phenomenon of hurricanes. In the continuity, the mixed fund will co-finance a feature film on the same theme that will be shot by a different team for a more playful and spectacular 3D result. Scripted by Philippe Blasband, Ouragans will follow the life of a… hurricane from its birth to its death with totally revolutionary technical means.

An ambitious and atypical project, The Prince and the 108 Demons is an animated feature film directed by Pascal Morelli and brought to Belgium by Scope Pictures. It is in fact an international co-production between France, Luxembourg, Belgium… and China, which will be released in the middle land under a local label, which promises an intensive commercial exploitation in the East. We plunge into the empire of China, in the 11th century. To try to defeat the demon-kings who terrorize the country, it is said that one would have to be crazy. The young prince Duan, the monk Zhang-the-Perfect and the little beggar girl did not know that this fight was doomed to failure… So they undertook it.
Of the 8 weeks of shooting with real actors or dancers who will be used to animate the characters, 20 days are planned in Belgium with Belgian actors.

Rich and diversified, this 12th session of the mixed line is also the last one of 2012. See you in January 2013 for new adventures.