15th animation session: Wallimage bites the apple

  • 01.07.2014

Everything goes well … until a delivery man shows up with seven boxes for the young lady. Each contains a dwarf from the Grimm tales. They know that Neige is the rightful heir of their favourite heroine and they are well determined to come to her aid. By any means possible.

When they discover she is about to eat a homemade cake and that it is an apple cake, they come to rescue her. This is just the first in a long series of disasters happening in Neige’s life, who has never been this agitated.

Season 1 of Sept nains et moi, consisting of 26 episodes of 26 minutes each, will be shot in English by two French directors. One will be in charge of the animated part, the other of the live filming with actual actors of flesh and blood. Indeed, the series strives to combine the best of both worlds, as seen in films such as Who framed Roger Rabbit?, Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Smurfs in their Hollywood version.

Thanks to Nexus Factory, who submitted the project to Wallimage, the live shoot will take place in the TSF studios at the PIL. It will start in September, while the compositing will start in November. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the first episodes should air mid-2015.

Additionally, Wallimage confirmed its support for the ecological animated film Zooks, also worked out as a mini-series. The project had been selected during the 13th animation session by the Wallimage board of directors. However, since then the project underwent significant changes in production structure: there are now more co-producers, more money and more ambition. Zooks, now more than ever in line with the criteria set by the Walloon fund, has then been picked up again by the board of directors