15th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session : The authors always sound twice

  • 01.10.2013

Bernard Bellefroid is back in the news with Melody, a psychological drama in which a young woman who needs money to open a business lends her womb to a wealthy English woman who absolutely wants a child. Nothing should bring these two women together. But without knowing it a priori, they have much more in common than a simple contract.

Five years after shooting La Régate and revealing Joffrey Verbruggen and David Murgia, Bernard Bellefroid will finally return to the set. He will again direct an amazing duo, composed of the young Brussels-based Lucie Debay (A New Old Story) and the Australian Rachael Blake, who became an international star with Sleeping Beauty, which caused controversy in 2011 at the Cannes Film Festival. Shooting will start on January 6th between Brittany, England, Ukraine and Luxembourg. Artemis is the initiator of the project.

Before that, David Lambert (Hors les Murs) will also have had the opportunity to try the difficult experience of a second feature film. Still produced by Frakas with Quebec’s Boreal Films, Je suis à toi will feature an Argentinean escort boy with AIDS who agrees to come to Belgium to find a more peaceful existence. It consists in working in a bakery and especially in sharing the life of the boss, a good big lonely teddy bear… who has nothing of Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise. Shooting in the Liège region. All of it.

As a counterpoint to this rather raw drama, the Mallandrin brothers bring us an irresistible tender and zany project. With the support of Versus, they will shoot I’m dead, but I have friends. Not only the title is hilarious, but also the pitch and the development of the scenario: four Belgian rockers close to fifty are confronted with a bald and mustachioed soldier who presents himself as the hidden lover of their deceased singer. After a night of drunkenness and bad chili, the five men fly to Los Angeles for a final tour. They will never make it…

We can better imagine the scene when we know that the master trio of this psychedelic-rock delirium is composed of Bouli Lanners, Wim Willaert and Eric Judor (he is the military). Beginning of hostilities… in September 2014, the time for Bouli to finish La Nuit tous les chats sont gris, Le petit Nicolas 2 and shoot his 4th feature film. Also for Versus.