2nd Wallimage/Bruxellimage session : Oh, yes ! So many women !

  • 20.10.2009

As we know (but we repeat it anyway), economic criteria in terms of regional spin-offs and the potential for revenue generation guide the choices of the administrators of the Wallimage / Bruxellimage line.

This does not prevent us from noting “objective coincidences” such as the one that brings together the 5 files selected during this 2nd investment session: at the heart of these 5 films, women, women and more women!

Starting of course with the well-named Oh, no, it’s a woman! by Hilde Van Mieghem from Antwerp, produced by Caviar Films. To be continued by Julie Depardieu and Carole Bouquet who practice the Free exchange for Nexus and Virginie Effira who is The Chance of my Life for François-Xavier Demaison produced by Scope Pictures.

In a completely different register, La Maison du Lucchese, the first feature film by our compatriot Pierre Duculot (produced by Need) is also a portrait of a woman played by Christelle Cornil, to whom the director has been faithful since his first short film. Logical that all this concludes on … Alles is Liefde by Jan Verheyen, produced by Eyeworks