36th Wallimage session : the great Catherine between Gérard and Géraldine. And 2 Belgian films as a bonus.

  • 20.10.2009

Until now, the Wallimage Council had never had to analyze a film project featuring Catherine Deneuve. But in order to catch up with Isabelle Huppert, who has already been seen twice in Wallimage films(Home and Nue Propriété), the great Catherine was present at this session via 2 files!

In Les Yeux de sa Mère directed by the former Studio journalist, Thierry Klifa, she is a star of the JT, mother of a star dancer played by Géraldine Pailhas, while in Potiche by François Ozon, she is the youthful fantasy of Gérad Depardieu in a vaudeville also played by Fabrice Lucchini, Karine Viard and Jérémy Régnier, excuse the pun. The 1st one is co-produced by Tarantula, the 2nd by Scope.

In addition to these two major French productions, there are two ambitious Belgian films: Approved for Adoption, based on Jung’ s splendid Manga Couleur de Peau Miel by the author himself and the documentary filmmaker Laurent Boileau. You can see the trailer of this Artemis production on the authors’ blog .

Finally, for the 3rd time, Wallimage has decided to support Joachim Lafosse whose new film Aimer à perdre la raison is produced by Versus. It should be noted that the Board has taken this last decision under advisement pending legal advice.