3rd Wallimage/Bruxellimage session: Montana, Gino, Largo and Luxo!

  • 23.02.2010

After 2009, when the two million Euro, provided equally by the Walloon and the Brussels Regions, have been invested in only two sessions over the course of six months, the “mixed” investment line is now up to full speed with 4 sessions a year, alternating with the sessions for the “regular” Wallimage line (see the calendar). This did not keep the directors from already selecting four projects! Providing the agreements are signed, Wallimage/Bruxellimage will be a partner on the second Largo Winch episode, co-produced by Climax (Belgium) and la PanEuropéenne (France), who already worked together for Jaco Van Dormael’s “Mr. Nobody”. Another former duo reunites, after “Le Petit Nicolas” Scope Pictures (Belgium) teams up again with Fidélité (France) for Chez Gino, a comedy by Samuel Benchétrit with José Garcia and Olivier Gourmet who already starred together in “Le Couperet” by Costa Gavras.
Something completely different: an atmospheric and nocturnal film in which Brussels is a real character, Montana, second film by Stéphane Strekker (after “Michael Blanco”), co-produced on both sides of the language barrier by MG Productions (Michael Goldberg) and Mind Meets (Tomas Leyers). And finally, the cherry on top of this exquisite cake, Hot, hot,hot, the first feature film by the very promising Luxembourg-born Beryl Koltz, giving Patrick Quinet (Artémis Belgique) to return the favour by supporting his loyal partners from Samsa Luxembourg.