40th Wallimage session: small trickeries during a congress in Palombia

  • 27.10.2010

With plenty of stars, a pharaonic filming process spread over two continents and a mythical character, Houba! Le Marsupilami et l’Orchidée du Chixculub is simply Wallimage’s biggest budget to date. A unique opportunity, brought to us by Scope Picture, Alain Chabat’s Belgian partner on the project of a lifetime. Besides this actor-director, we have among others Jamel Debouze, Lambert Wilson and Fred Testo for a piece of madness which – and we promise! – we won’t spoil you with any storylines. Just know that thanks to Scope and Wallimage, the Marsupilami will be a 100% Walloon character. Houba!

Of course you remember Valse avec Bachir, an animated documentary which was a sensation at Cannes before winning the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. Big news: Entre Chien et Loup is co-producing Ali Folman’s fourth feature film for Belgium, a daring, visionary and moving rewrite of The Futurological Congress, one of science-fiction’s absolute classics. Half live, half animated, The Congress allows a Walloon special effects company to claim their spotlight worldwide. As for the casting, Robin Wright will carry most of the film, while an armada of American stars prepares their second roles and cameos.

Next to these two certain blockbusters, we have a project by Versus which takes us to the heart of the filming activity, as it tells the story of a film shoot with big names such Mélanie Doutey, Joey Starr and Jonathan Zaccaï on the credits. The latter also co-wrote the screenplay, and he will act in the film as well as direct it. Tout le monde peut se tromper (Everyone can make a mistake) is its title, but the Belgian actors has no intention at all to let go of this opportunity he has been waiting for for so long. Promise: with this crazy comedy, he definitely intends to make people laugh well beyond our borders.