40th Wallimage session : small deceptions during a congress in Palombia

  • 27.10.2010

With its plethora of stars, its pharaonic shooting on two continents and its mythical character, Houba! The Marsupilami and the Orchid of Chixculub is simply the biggest budget in the history of Wallimage. This unique opportunity was brought to us by Scope Picture,Alain Chabat ‘s Belgian ally on the project of his life. Alongside the actor-director, we will find Jamel Debouze, Lambert Wilson or Fred Testo for a delirium which, we promise, we will not reveal the slightest adventure. Just know that thanks to Scope and Wallimage, Marsu is a 100% Walloon character! Houba!

You may remember Waltz with Bashir, an animated documentary that caused a sensation at Cannes before winning the Golden Globe for best foreign film. Great news: Entre Chien et Loup is co-producing in BelgiumAri Folman‘s fourth feature film, a daring, visionary and moving rewriting of the Futurology Congress, one of the absolute classics of world science fiction literature. Half live, half animated, The Congress will allow a Walloon special effects company to showcase itself worldwide. On the casting side, Robin Wright will carry the whole film on her pretty shoulders while an armada of American stars will succeed one another in supporting roles and cameos.

Besides these two announced blockbusters, the project brought by Versus plunges us into the very heart of the cinematographic activity since it tells us the story of a shooting with, in the credits, prominent actors like Mélanie Doutey, Joey Starr and Jonathan Zaccaï who co-wrote the script, will interpret and direct it. Anyone can make a mistake (that’s the title), but the Belgian actor has no intention of passing up the chance he’s been waiting for. Promise: with this wildly unbridled comedy, he intends to titillate the zygomatic of the spectators, well beyond our borders.