42nd Wallimage session: Dany Boon, Diane Kruger, a Mobilhome, Michel Delpech and ... Cloclo !

  • 08.07.2011

Cloclo is of course the much awaited biopic of Claude François. Directed by the very efficient Florent Emilio-Siri, it sweeps through the whole career of the singer, without complacency and with a worthy energy
of the star. In the title role, Jérémie Renier looks quite amazing. Beyond the obvious physical resemblance, he carries in him the flame that animated the creator of Comme d’Habitude. In addition to the use of many Walloon technicians, the project co-produced in Belgium by Flèche, the company of … Claude François Jr, should thanks to our support entrust its special effects to Benuts, the new version of Victor 3D, which will inaugurate its offices in Mons.

The funniest is to see Cloclo joined during the same session by… Michel Delpech. Not a homonym or a clone, but the real thing. Interpreting his own role. In A Sec, a joyful uchrony by Iota production, Michel Delpech left the headlines in the 80s and never gave in to his fans’ demands to see him again. The problem is that Laurette’s father is ruined and unable to face his creditors… A week of shooting in Belgium and Dame Blanche Genval in post-production…

Bittersweet, this will also be the tone of Mobil Home produced by Tarantula. The very first feature film by François Pirot, who worked in the past with Joachim Lafosse, has all the trappings of a generational film, evoking a universe close to that of Bouli Lanners. Two friends in their thirties decide to buy a mobile home to start a different life along the roads. But mechanical problems soon bring the road movie to a standstill!

Another budget, other ambitions, Fly me to the Moon (necessarily a provisional title), the new romantic comedy by Pascal Chaumeil, co-produced here by Scope, is an exotic film that will take its protagonists on a journey around the world… but also to Belgium, where the shooting will make a long stopover. The film stars Diane Kruger, who has always been the director’s first choice, and… Dany Boon who, upon discovering the script, absolutely wanted to play in the film. His insistence has delighted the producers, especially since it will be for the emperor of Ch’tis the only feature film scheduled in his agenda in 2011.

This is how the Wallimage board of directors’ votes for this 2010-2011 season came to an end, with a long-awaited winner: cinema in Wallonia!