42nd Wallimage session: Dany Boon, Diane Kruger, a mobilhome, Michel Delpech and ... Cloclo!

  • 08.07.2011

CloClo is obviously the long-awaited biopic of Claude François. Directed by a very efficient Florent Emilio-Siri, it covers his entire career, without compliance and using the right kind of energy fitting for its star. Jérémie Rénier looks to be amazing starring in the title role. There is of course a physical similarity, but he he also possesses the same kind of inner flame as the singer of Comme d’Habitude. Many Walloon technicians will work on the project, but in addition to that, the project which is co-produced in Belgium by Flèche, the company held by… Claude François Jr., should also – and thanks to our support – have its special effects done by Benuts, the new Victor 3D, who will open their new offices in Mons especially for the occasion.

The funniest however is to see how CloClo shares a session with … Michel Delpech. Not a homonym, or a clone, but the real one, in flesh and blood. Playing his own role. In A Sec, a happy uchronian tale set up by Iota Production, Michel Delpech left the front page of the papers in the eighties and never listened to his fans, wanting to see him again. Now there’s one problem, Laurette’s dad is ruined and he cannot repay his creditors… One week of filming in Belgium and Dame Blanche Genval will do the post-production.

Bittersweet is also the word to describe the tone of Mobil Home, produced by Tarantula. A first feature film by François Pirot, who previously worked with Joachim Lafosse, sporting all the assets of a generational film while evoking an atmosphere close to that of Bouli Lanners. Two friends in their thirties decide to buy a mobile home to start a new existence on the roads. But mechanical trouble will immobilise this road movie!

Other budget, other ambitions: Fly me to the Moon (obviously a working title), the new romantic comedy by Pascal Chaumeil is co-produced here by Scope and promises to be an exotic film taking its protagonists all over the world… passing through Belgium where the crew will set up camp for a long lay-over. Billed are Diane Kruger, who was always the director’s first choice and … Dany Boon, who upon discovering the screenplay absolutely wanted to join the cast. His insistence pleased the producers so much that this film will be the only feature on his agenda for 2011.

And thus spoke the votes of Wallimage’s Board of Directors for the last time in the 2010-2011 season. The winner: cinema in Wallonia, as always.