4th Crossmedia session: for an animated feature, a comedy and a series

  • 04.07.2013

Loulou’s Secret is adapted from the series of children’s books by Grégoire Solotareff. We find Loulou (the young wolf) and Tom (the rabbit) who leave in the principality of Wolfenberg. Bad luck for Tom: the two friends arrive in the middle of the Carne festival where all the biggest carnivores in the world participate in the annual hunt. While the books and the first film were aimed at the very young, this very funny delirium, co-produced in Belgium by Belvision (ex-Araneo), will try to widen the audience to pre-teens. It is precisely this openness to another audience that underlies the whole crossmedia promotion, clever assemblies of modules and complementary supports that should capture the attention of young viewers… and the assent of their parents. An educational approach for schools is also planned for a complete and federative project.
It is Dreamwall and Kedis, two Carolinian companies that will orchestrate this operation.

Black comedy with Jonathan Zaccaï, Ben Riga, a well-known Belgian storyteller, David Murgia (La Tête la première, La Régate), Laurent Capelluto (Fils unique), Benoit Bertuzzo and Tania Garbarski(Quartier Lointain, Fils unique), Je te Survivrai will be released in the fall. Panache Productions, which produces it, entrusted eMakina with the development of a cross-media campaign that revolves around a website, a smartphone app and a Facebook activity that promises to be both fun and very viral.
Throw one of your friends down a well and let him negotiate his release. We’ll have a good laugh!

After the campaign that supports an animated feature film, the one that will try to give a boost to the general public to a Belgian comedy (a rare pearl), the third project concerns Which is Witch, a series for young teens, co-produced by Be Film. It’s about music, witches and fairies, a cocktail that has already proven itself on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. The proposed project is quite simple, but could prove to be extremely loyal: the public of the series will be able to get in touch with the four main characters (two boys and two girls) via fake Facebook pages and participate in activities, such as a private concert on the Net or choreography classes. The campaign starts very soon: we are quite curious to see the impact it will cause. Waooh !>i, associated with D6D (Design Studio) has, in any case, a beautiful challenge to take up.