4th Crossmedia investment round: a feature length animation film, a comedy and a series

  • 04.07.2013

Le Secret de Loulou is adapted from a series of children’s books by Grégoire Solotareff. There is Loulou, a young wolf and Tom, a rabbit, who travel to the Principality of Wolfenberg. Unfortunately for Tom, both friends arrive in the middle of the Carne Festival, during which the world’s most renowned carnivores participate in the yearly hunt. While the books and the first film were aimed at the very young, this very funny trip which is co-produced by Belvision (ex-Araneo) in Belgium, wants to broaden the public to young adolescents. It is especially this search for a new public which brings about the crossmedia promotion, a smart assembly of modules and complimentary media which should grab the attention of the young viewers … and the consent of their parents. A pedagogical approach, aimed at schools, is also in the works, to complete a uniting project. Dreamwall and Kedis, two companies from Charleroi, will be responsible for this operation.

Je te survivrai, a dark comedy with Jonathan Zaccaï, Ben Riga, a well-known Belgian storyteller, David Murgia (La Tête la Première, La Régate), Laurent Capelluto (Quartier Lointain, Fils Unique), is slated for release in autumn. Panache Productions charged EMakina with the development of a crossmedia campaign set up around a website, a smartphone app and a Facebook activity which should be both amusing and go viral. Throw one of your friends into the well and let them negotiate to get out. Fun guaranteed!

The third project supports Which is Witch, a series aimed at a young adolescent public, co-produced by Be Film. There is music, witches and fairies, a mix which has had its share of success on Disney Channel and on Nickelodeon. The project is rather simple, but could win over a lot of people : the series’ public will be able to contact four main characters (two boys and two girls) through fake Facebook pages en participate in activities, like a private concert on the Net and choreography lessons. The campaign will start soon, and we are rather curious to see what effect it will have. Waooh, associated with D6D (Design Studio), certainly faces a nice challenge!