4th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session: the next generation of Belgian cinema

  • 07.05.2010

For its second session of 2010, the fourth since the creation of the mixed fund, Wallimage/Bruxellimage has decided to co-finance three feature films, all three signed by young Belgian directors who are just waiting to confirm their talent.

Thanks to Nicolas Provost‘s L’envahisseur, produced by Versus, we will find Issaka Sawadogo discovered in Marion Hänsel‘s Quand le vent soulève les sables. He plays an illegal immigrant who tries to start a new life in Belgium, but soon realizes that what he imagined as an escape route is likely to turn into a drama.

Escaping a nightmare is also the concern of a pregnant teenager in Erased, produced by Prime Time. Patrice Toye ‘s new feature film tells an abominable story of kidnapping and child trafficking between Lommel and France. The worst part is that it is based on real facts.

Finally, Vincent Lannoo ‘s The Tamed Ones proposed by Left Field Ventures follows the footsteps of a selfish young man who does as he pleases, but who, after the death of his parents, will, against all expectations and everyone’s advice, take great care of his little sister.

One session, three chaotic destinies, three shattering tales that are likely to stir our guts.