4th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session: the fresh troops have arrived

  • 07.05.2010

For its second investment round in 2010, fourth in total, Wallimage/Bruxellimage decided to co-finance three feature films, all three by young Belgian directors looking to establish their talent.

In L’envahisseur by Nicolas Provost, produced by Versus, we rediscover Issaka Sawadogo, after Quand le vent soulève les sables by Marion Hänsel. He plays an illegal immigrant who tries to start over in Belgium, but quickly realises that what he considered a way out might very well be turning into a drama.

Running away from a nightmare, that is exactly what a pregnant teenager is worrying about in Effacés, produced by Prime Time. The new feature by Patrice Toye tells the story of a horrible kidnapping and child traffic case between Lommel and France. The worst part is that it is based on true facts.

Finally, The Tamed Ones by Vincent Lannoo and submitted by Left Field Ventures, follows the steps of a young egoist who only does what he pleases but who, after his parents pass away, will surprise everyone by taking very good care of his little sister.

One session, three chaotic destinies, three deeply moving stories which will most certainly punch us in the gut.