54th Wallimage session : the brothers, two doses of emotion, one of laughter and hemoglobin

  • 07.07.2015

Even if it is not a surprise, do not think that the films of the river only have to appear to convince. No ! But the brothers, as usual, will shoot the entire feature film in the Liège region with Belgian talent.


The cast will be almost exclusively Walloon with the exception of the lead actress: the young Frenchwoman Adèle Haenel, César 2015 for best actress for Les Combattants. A relevant choice as she seems close to the brothers’ universe: instinctive, wild, guided by a touching fervor.

In addition to many actors, Jean-Pierre and Luc obviously bring along their faithful technical team and will do most of the post-production work in Wallonia. The film, which will be shot from October to December over 53 days, should be ready fairly quickly.

For the month of May 2016?

The three other films selected for this session are co-productions. Very different from each other. If two of them are tinged with a strong dose of emotion, the third one is a horror movie, quite trashy, but very (very) funny.


Presented at the Frontiers market which was hosted both at the Montreal Fantasia festival in July 2014 and at the last Brussels BIFFF, Girls with balls is a French-initiated film about the misadventures of a women’s volleyball team coached by a certain Michael Youn. Delivered in the middle of the countryside to the delirium of a gang of degenerate hunters, led by… Danny Trejo, the girls will do everything to save their skin. Get the picture?

This survival that can evoke Deliverance in its pitch does not take itself seriously for a second. The project seduced Entre Chien et loup, which offered to co-finance this atypical and hilarious film, which will be shot in Wallonia. The image will be processed at the studio l’équipe and the special effects executed by Mikros Liège. This department will not be left to chance sinceOlivier Alfonso , who signs here his first feature film, is an FX specialist who has worked on many films (9 months, The French…) and series (The revenants, Braquo…). Efficient!


More classic in its construction, but likely to be an excellent surprise at the Belgian and French box-office, L’Amour en Braille will be thethird feature film directed by Michel Boujenah: a project that has been terribly close to his heart since he has long wanted to make a film based on children. It will be this adaptation of the novel by Pascal Ruter.

Marie, 12 years old, good student and promising cellist has a secret: she has a degenerative eye disease. She knows that one day she will have to live in the dark. His parents plan to send him to an institute for young blind people right away. Marie has set herself the goal of taking the entrance exam to a prestigious music school at the end of the school year and she will do everything she can to prevent anyone from realizing that the disease is gaining ground. With the help of Victor, a classmate who is very much in love with her, she will fight and try to put on a show.

Thanks to Nexus factory, who did a great job in the pre-production, the whole shooting will take place in Belgium (45 days, 43 of which in Wallonia) with a Belgian technical team led by the director of photography Vincent Van Gelder. All post-production will also be done in Wallonia, notably at Mute&Solo and Dame Blanche. The music will be signed by New Frontier Films, so by Sylvain Goldberg himself.

Alongside Charles Berling, Pascal Elbe and two young actors who will carry the film on their shoulders, Laurent Capelluto also inherits a nice secondary role


The last file also handles emotion with a real virtuosity and a sharp sense of suspense. Scope Pictures has brought this third feature film by Lola Doillon, which tells the story of the exodus of a group of children, led by an imaginative and willing girl, but hunted down by the Nazis. We are in the middle of a world conflict and the children’s lives are hanging by a thread.

Fanny, who will inherit this terrible responsibility thanks to her personality as an outstanding (com)fighter, will be played by a young Belgian, unknown until now, Léonie Souchaud.
The other children will be Walloon and French while the two positive adult figures of the film will be played by Cécile de France and Stéphane De Groodt.

If the shooting will take place mainly in natural settings in France and Switzerland, the post-production will be entirely done at home: the editing will take place at the Baraque à films, the sound will be done at Studio l’Equipe and the digital effects will be done at Benuts.

Another concrete record that logically won in a very high quality session that closes on a very exciting note this 2014/2015 season.