54th investment round, Wallimage: THE brothers, touches of emotion, laughter and blood

  • 07.07.2015

As always, the film will be produced by Dardenne’s company Les Films du Fleuve. The scheduled 53-day shoot will take place in Wallonia between October and December 2015, with a Belgian crew. The majority of the cast will also be Belgian with the exception of the lead role which will be played by the young French actress and 2015 Cesar award winner Adèle Haenel. The brothers will work with their usual technicians and handle the bulk of the postproduction in Wallonia as well. The word is that the movie could be finished very quickly… quickly enough for May 2016?

Three other films greenlighted by this session are co-productions, very different from one another: two moving dramas and a (very funny) horror film.


Presented at the Frontieres Market in Montreal and Brussels,“Girls with Balls” depicts the misfortunes of a female volleyball team coached by French comic actor Michael Youn.  Left in the middle of the countryside, the girls will spare no effort to escape a gang of debauched hunters, led by American actor Danny Trejo.
This black comedy, at times reminiscent of Deliverance, is totally unconventional and hilarious. The film, co-produced by Entre Chien et Loup, will be shoot in Wallonia. Mikros Liege (Belgium) will manage special effects, under the supervision of well-known FX-expert Oliver Alphonso.

image On a more classic note, the Walloon fund will back the very promising “L’Amour en Braille”, the third film by French director Michel Boujenah. The film is an adaptation of a novel by Pascal Ruter, casting French actors Charles Berling and Pascal Elbe. Marie, a 12-year-old talented cellist, is afflicted with a genetic disease which gradually causes her to lose her sight. Obsessed with the idea of entering a prestigious music school, she will do everything she can to keep her illness secret and pursue her dreams…

Thanks to Nexus factory support, the scheduled 45-day shoot will take place in Belgium (43 days of which will be in Wallonia), with Belgian technicians. The postproduction, mostly handled by Mute&Solo and Dame Blanche, will take place in Wallonia as well. Music will be composed by Sylvain Goldberg, from New Frontier Films.


The last project, the third film by Lola Doillon co-produced by Scope Pictures, combines emotion and suspense. “Le Voyage de Fanny” tells the exodus of a group of children hunted down by the Nazis, guided by an imaginative and determined young girl. It is set to star Belgian actors Cécile de France and Stéphane de Groodt.

Shooting will essentially take place in France and Switzerland, while the postproduction will be managed in Wallonia, with editing by La Baraque à films, sound by Studio l’Equipe and digital special effects by Benuts.

Once again, a very promising cinematic season, soon to be discovered!