6th Crossmedia Session: Waterloo, Tokyo and China

  • 03.04.2014

The first file selected is the one that will accompany the release of Tokyo Fiancée by Stefan Liberski. Several original axes have been developed, with an interactive 2.0 website and above all a connected object (the Tokyo Fiancée Box) that will meet the potential public. The goal is to increase traffic on the site and the presence on social networks… to bring intrigued participants into the rooms.
Without going into detail, let’s say that this terminal will have two sides. On one side, a photo booth delivers a bookmark printed with the pictures taken and the packshot of the film. On the other, a “bubble” with a webcam inviting the spectator to confront the Japanese language in a playful way. This experience can then be relived in video on the film’s website and extended on social networks. Dog Studio will be in charge of the cross-media side of Versus while O’Brother will distribute the film next fall.

We find Dog Studio with Fishing Cactus in another folder, the one that will be used to promote Waterloo, the ambitious documentary film by Hughes Lanneau that will be released at the end of spring. In addition to a website and a much-needed presence on social networks, the team has developed a web-based game that could captivate military strategy fanatics, happy to reinvent the Battle of Waterloo with new options. The abilities of the player’s troops will continuously evolve: the more time he spends playing, the more he will influence the balance of the battlefield. And of course… the more, the more he will be involved in this universe and finally delighted to immerse himself in the film. CQFD. The overall design of the promotion is very coherent, well targeted, and will be completed with live actions which we leave you the surprise, but which could destabilize more than one passer-by.

Proposed by Scope Pictures with its partner Creaxial already responsible for the excellent work aroundOnce upon a time and L’Ecume des JoursThe third project to be co-financed by the Walloon Region concerns the animated feature film The Prince and the 108 thieves The basis of the online activation concept of this film is the total immersion in an interactive trailer.
Just like the Prince, the hero of the adventure, the visitor will follow an initiatory journey online. Gone is the vision of the classic promotional site with trailer, characters, wallpapers, synopsis, mini-game, etc. The provider assumes that today’s technology has changed significantly, as have the expectations of the public. And this extremely ambitious film, whose first images are very enticing, lends itself particularly well to innovation.
Beyond the discovery of the film itself, the project will try to reach teachers by offering fun and educational material based on the legend, the history of China, its geography and geopolitics.