6th crossmedia investment round: Waterloo, Tokyo and China

  • 03.04.2014

The first selected submission will surround the release of Tokyo Fiancée by Stefan Liberski. Several approaches were developed; including an interactive 2.0 website and a connected object (the Tokyo Fiancée Box) designed to meet the potential audience. Its goal is to draw more traffic to the site and heighten its social media presence … and from there on out bring interested participants to the cinemas.

Without giving away too many details, the terminal has two sides. On one side, there will be a photo booth, delivering a bookmark with the photos taken and the packshot of the film. On the other side will be a “bubble” with a webcam, inviting spectators to playfully confront the Japanese language. Afterwards, the experience can be found on the website of the film and shared on social media. Dog Studio will be in charge of this crossmedia project for Versus while O’Brother will distribute the film this coming Autumn.

Dog Studio, together with Fishing Cactus, returns with another submission for the promotion of Waterloo, the ambitious documentary film directed by Hughes Lanneau and scheduled for release in late Spring. Other than a site and the obligatory presence on social media, the team put together an online game which could grab the attention of military strategy fanatics, who will be able to re-enact the battle of Waterloo, with new options. The options available to the player’s troops will constantly evolve: the more they play, they more they will put weight in on the battlefield. Of course, the more they will be involved with this world, the greater the chances they will go see the film. The global promotion concept is very coherent, perfectly aimed, and will be completed by live actions which we won’t give away yet but which would certainly surprise more than one passerby.

Presented by Scope, with its partner Creaxial, known for their excellent work for Il était une fois une fois and l’Ecume des jours, a third project to be co-financed by the Walloon region is built around Le Prince et les 108 voleurs: the concept of online activation is based on the total immersion in an interactive trailer.

Much like the Prince, the hero of the adventure, the visitor will go on an initiatory journey, but online. Here, there is no classic promotional site with trailers, characters, wallpapers, synopsis and games. The service provider starts with the idea that technology today has highly evolved, and so have the expectations of the public. This extremely ambitious film is a perfect match for innovating marketing.

Aside from discovering the film, the project will also try to reach out to teachers, offering playful learning tools based on the legend, the history of China, its geography and geopolitics.