7th Wallimage/Bruxellimage investment round: a cashier, a Minister, a touch of magic ... Curtains, please!

  • 16.02.2011

L’exercice du Pouvoir, co-produced for Belgium by Les Films du Fleuve, takes a look behind the scenes of power, trailing a minister of transport who is confronted with big and small issues. This high-tempo true psychological thriller, splendidly written by Pierre Scholler (Versailles) also benefits from an excellent cast: Michel Blanc is the chief of staff, Zabou Breitman his communication manager. The minister himself is played by Olivier Gourmet. What a career path!

Next to this heavy yet captivating film, three lighter projects were chosen by the board, all in their own way fitted for a large public.

Scope Pictures brought us … the 4th constituent of the Asterix saga. It is based on Astérix chez les Bretons and Astérix chez les Normands, the albums 8 and 9 of the series (l’âge d’or). This huge undertaking will be directed by Laurent Tirard (Le Petit Nicolas and has a marvellous cast: next to good old Gérard Depardieu reprising his role as Obélix, there is a new Astérix, Édouard Baer, Caesar will be played by Fabrice Luchini, the Queen of England by Cathérine Deneuve. Three Belgians are also billed: Bouli Lanners and François Damiens will play Normans and Stéphane de Groodt a Roman soldier. The icing on the cake: this will be the first big live French-spoken film in 3D!

Les Tribulations d’une caissière, presented by Nexus, is a totally different style, more intimistic, more down to earth, closer to our daily trials and tribulations: love, work, meeting people, annoying people, fantasies, laughter, rants… The adaptation of a French best-seller is aiming to be an English-style social feel-good film. Even with the radiant Déborah Français leading the French-speaking cast.

The last selected project, Le Palais des Tentures d’Ollie Hartmoed is one of the most singular bids we have ever received. This prestigious Dutch series, co-produced by A Private View in Belgium, consists of four 50 minute episodes (dividable in 8 25’ modules). It is a light-hearted, completely outlandish fable about new families, decomposed, recomposed, until it’s almost impossible to identify its members. Very funny, lively and full of rhythm, the series takes on an almost fantastic fairytale form a la Tim Burton. It will be broadcast around Christmas 2012. Mostly shot in Wallonia and Brussels, Le Palais des Tentures d’Ollie Hartmoed possesses a rare universal dimension. It will be dubbed in French and then in other languages to allow viewers all over the world to enjoy it.