8th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session: fantasies, laughter and an international survey

  • 09.05.2011

Les Adorés, the first feature film directed by actress Hélène Fillières, produced in Belgium by Entre Chien et Loup, will not go unnoticed. Adapted from the novel Sévère by Régis Jauffret, which was inspired, without naming anyone, by the assassination of the banker Édouard Stern by his mistress Cécile Brossard, it will bring us to the screen a shocking encounter: Laetitia Casta as an SM muse facing Benoit Poelvoorde as a borderline banker. A duo that is not unlikely when you read the script. And that promises to be exceptional on screen.

Saga Films has also brought us a sumptuous project which, oh coincidence, is like Les Adorés, the debut of an excellent French actress: Sylvie Testud. Marie wakes up one morning in The Life of Another… or rather in her own life, but 15 years later. The only problem is that she has skipped this period and discovers a reality that she does not recognize; a reality that she must deal with in real time or risk being committed. Juliette Binoche will play Marie and Mathieu Kassovitz, her husband, two personalities who, until now, have never filmed for Wallimage. The supporting roles are held by actors of the first rank: François Berléand, Danièle Lebrun, Aure Atika… The great class!

The third feature film chosen is very different, although it is also a minority co-production, this time brought to you by Scope Pictures. Once upon a time (working title) marks the return of Christian Merret-Palmair, the director of the mythical Carnets de Monsieur Manatane and the underrated Les Portes de la Gloire (both with Benoit Poelvoorde). This totally unbridled comedy plunges us into the heart of a small Belgian community in the middle of Paris. With François-Xavier Demaison, a Belgian-Toulousian mix, Anne Marivin and above all two local actors who get here a unique opportunity to reveal themselves to a very (very) big audience: Charlie Dupont and Jean-Luc Couchard!

The last project selected is not a film, but an international series, initiated here by Caviar Films. In five cities in Northern Europe, on the same day, works of art disappear. This is obviously a carefully timed stunt and the man pulling the strings is a strange character. But nothing in this story conforms to appearances and expectations. With a star in each of the countries participating in the series (five 52-minute episodes), The Artists will capture the attention of a massive audience. In Belgium, the star of the show is the fantastic Matthias Schoenaerts(Rundskop). The other originality of the project is to propose declensions on the Web and in real life which will allow the spectators to collaborate in the investigation and to immerse themselves in a rich and exciting artistic universe.

The least we can say is that the brand new board of directors of Wallimage/Bruxellimage has pinpointed four files which, in addition to the investments made in our regions, have every chance of leading to promising careers. A great start!