8th Wallimage/Bruxellimage session: fantasies, laughter and an international investigation

  • 09.05.2011

Les Adorés, the first feature film directed by actress Hélène Fillières produced in Belgium by Entre Chien et Loup, will certainly not go unnoticed. It is adapted from Régis Jauffret’s novel Sévère, who was in turn inspired by the murder of banker Edouard Stern by his mistress Cécile Brossard, without ever identifying any names. On screen, this promises to be an overwhelming meeting: Laetitia Casta as S&M queen versus Benoît Poelvoorde as a borderline banker. Reading the screenplay, this duo is certainly not unconvincing. On the contrary, on screen they promise to be exceptional.

Saga Films is also coming with a sumptuous project, again, like Les Adorés the first directing job for an excellent French actress: Sylvie Testud. La Vie d’une Autre is the story of Marie, who one day wakes up … in her own life but fifteen years later. There’s just one problem: she completely zapped this period and discovers a reality she doesn’t recognize; worse, she quickly has to adapt to this reality or risk being committed to the psych ward. Juliette Binoche will play Marie, Mathieu Kassovitz her husband; two strong personalities who thus far hadn’t yet played in a Wallimage film. The supporting casts consists, among others, of François Berléand, Danièle Lebrun, Aure Atika… Nothing but class!

The third selected feature film is very different, even if it is also a minority co-production, this time provided by Scope Pictures. Il était une fois une fois (working title) is nothing other than the return of Christian Merret-Palmair, director of the mythical Carnets de Monsieur Manatane and the much underestimated Les Portes de la Gloire (both with Benoît Poelvoorde). This outlandish comedy takes us to a little Belgian community in the middle of Paris. Starring François-Xavier Demaison, mixed blood from Belgium and Toulouse, Anne Marivin but also two of our very own actors who now will have the occasion to reveal their skills to the (very) large public: Charlie Dupont and Jean-Luc Couchard!

Finally, the last project is not a film but an international series, started here by Caviar Films. In five Northern European cities, works of art disappear on the same day. Of course, this is a meticulously synchronized strike, and the person orchestrating it is quite strange. However, nothing in this story is what it appears or is expected to be. With a star in each country participating in the series (five 52’ episodes), The Artists will be able to reach a massive public. In Belgium, the fantastic Matthias Schoenaerts (Rundskop) is the star. Another original feature of the project is that they offer extensions on the net and in real life which will allow viewers to participate in the investigation and to be submerged into an artistic, rich and captivating universe.

Well, we can only conclude that the brand new board of directors of Wallimage/Bruxellimage has once more selected four projects which, aside from their investments in our regions, have every chance to have a promising career. An excellent perspective!