9th animation session: a series and a feature film

  • 06.03.2012

Loulou’s Secret byErik OImond will be a sequel to the short film Loulou et Tom (2003) already based on the series of children’s books by Grégoire Solotareff. We find Loulou (the young wolf) and Tom (the rabbit) when Loulou learns from a gypsy that his mother is alive. The unlikely friends set out to find him in the wolf-ruled principality of Wolfenberg. Bad luck: They arrive in the middle of the Carne festival (haha) where all the biggest carnivores in the world participate in the big annual hunt.
Co-produced in Belgium by Araneo, this feature film will be partly produced in Marcinelle since DreamWall will take care of the compositing and the sets. The digital video post production will be done in Alleur at Digital Graphics. While the books and the first movie were aimed at the very young, this very funny delirium will try to broaden the audience to pre-teens. Not forgetting the parents who should love this nostalgic dive served by a very fun 2D drawing.

Régis Vidal (director) proposes something completely different with Kit de Survie, a 52 X 4 minute series aimed at the family that deals with the tumultuous period of adolescence. Each episode begins with a problematic situation experienced. The child imagines everything and nothing to get out of it. And imagination, he has it! Humor, catastrophes and absurdity guaranteed. Parents and teenagers will recognize each other. To illustrate the series, three family units from very different backgrounds, cultures and education. One mother is permissive, the other overprotective. One authoritarian father, the other absent. An anthology of children from 12 to 18 years old with different characters: introvert or extrovert, self-conscious or loudmouth, clumsy or mature, smart or physical, etc. And to bring all these people together: Adoville, a “peaceful” city, with a number of important meeting places: high school/college, sports and educational center, supermarket…
Be-Films, which is co-producing this Franco-Belgian-Spanish project, allows many Walloon technicians to work on this very exciting series: the chief animator Sébastien Dohogne, the sound mixer Fabien Pochet or the chief sound editor Christophe Gérar will be able to demonstrate the extent of their talent. All the sound is made in Liege at SonicPil.