9th investment session for animation: one series and a feature film

  • 06.03.2012

Erik Olmond’s Le Secret de Loulou will be a sequel to his short film Loulou et Tom (2003), already based on the series of children’s books by Grégoire Solotareff. We find Loulou (the wolf) and Tom (the rabbit) at the moment when a gypsy tells Loulou that his mother is still alive. The improbably friends then set out to find her in the principality of Wolfenberg, reigned by wolves. Bad luck however, as they find themselves in the midst of the Carne festival, when the biggest carnivores of the world partake in the big yearly hunt.

The film is co-produced in Belgium by Araneo, and will partially be made in Marcinelle as Dreamwall will be in charge of the compositing and the sets. The digital post-production will be handled in Alleur, by Digital Graphics. While the books and first film were destined for the youngest, this feature will try to meet a larger public up to pre-teens. And of course the parents, who will certainly enjoy this nostalgic quest served by very funny 2D drawings.

Director Régis Vidal on the other hand proposes something completely different with Kit de Survie, a family series of 52 x 4 minutes about the turbulent time of adolescence. Each episode will start with a problematic situation. The children will then come up with everything and nothing to get out of it. They sure have quite some fantasy, so humour, catastrophes and absurdity are guaranteed. Parents and teens will certainly recognize themselves. To explain the series’ plot, there are three families from very different backgrounds, cultures and education. One mother is permissive, the other overly protective. One father is authoritarian, the other absent. A slew of children between 12 and 18 with strong yet very different characters: introvert or extrovert, hung up or big mouth, clumsy or mature, intellectual or physical, etc. To bring everyone together: Adoville, a “peaceful” suburb, with its unavoidable meeting places: lyceum/college, sports and educational centre, supermarket… Be-Films co-produces this French-Belgian-Spanish project and will allow many Walloon technicians to work on the series: head animator (strong> Sébastien Dohogne, sound mixer Fabien Pochet and chief editor Christophe Gérar will be able to demonstrate their talent. All sound will be handled in Liège by SonicPil.