À Perdre la Raison and L'Exercice de l'État at the Magritte

  • 03.02.2013

A Perdre la Raison, which we co-financed in adversity, is finally the (expected) winner of this edition: it gets four Magritte du Cinéma: best film, best director, best actress, best editing. This is a sublime reward for the producers who put this project together despite the headwinds and for Joachim Lafosse who sometimes had to work in relative secrecy to avoid the accusations that were made against him. But the director has brought the film to a successful conclusion, making it a true object of cinema that has seduced moviegoers. Emilie Dequenne is masterful and the editing of Sophie Vercuysse, a faithful Joachim, is not for nothing in the strength of the work.

The other great satisfaction comes from L’Exercice de l’État, awarded best international coproduction. The Dardenne brothers’ Films du Fleuve had a lot of nerve to bring us this political thriller by Pierre Schoëller which also won the Magritte for best sound and earned a superb consecration for Olivier Gourmet named actor of the year in front of Matthias Schoenaerts, Benoit Poelvoorde and Jérémie Renier.

Nominated eight times after the first round, Dead Man Talking is a bit of a mismatch with only one award, for set design for Aline Santos. In his article on the site of the free this Sunday Alain Lorfèvre sees in it perhaps “a reaction of rejection towards an outsider, who is moreover financed by an operator little appreciated by a whole section of the profession?”, concluding: “But the votes of the voters are inscrutable…”
Mobile Home won two trophies: Anne-Pascale Clairembourg was elected best female hopeful and the film received the Magritte for the best music for the compositions of the group Coyote from Liège associated with Renaud Mayeur, François Petit and Michaël de Zanet.

There are still two prizes that go to Tot altijd by Nic Balthazar, which was declared the best Flemish co-production film, while Bouli Lanners was awarded for his supporting role in De Rouille et d’Os.

A very good harvest, which pushes us to continue in the same direction: it’s a good thing, the whole team of Wallimage-Coproductions is currently engaged in a new financing session. Let’s go, let’s go!