A very honest DVD

  • 14.09.2005

Today, this is the normal path for all feature films with commercial potential, the path that leads progressively to the television passage on cable channels, then on terrestrial channels.
First, the idea is born, then the script. Little by little the production is being built up. This is where Wallimage comes in to the financial set-up. Or not.
In any case, the film is shot, edited and shown. First in theaters, during festivals around the world, then in commercial complexes and multiplexes. Then, after the usual delay, the DVD release is in the news.
While La Couleur des Mots, his new film, is being screened at the Namur Fiff, Philippe Blasband is following with an understandable feverishness the first DVD release of his first large format baby: Un honnête commerçant.
Available in France and Belgium since September 7, this film led by Philippe Noiret will try to finally find the audience that has been somewhat shunned until now. A well-deserved second chance since all those who had the curiosity to trust the enthusiastic critics agree that this first feature film was very successful.
Climax edited this DVD, distributed in Belgium by Cinéart (www.cinéart.be) and in France by France Télévisions Distribution (www.francetv.com).
Besides the film presented in 1.85 (4/3 compatible) and stereo, the DVD offers two fascinating bonuses: a film lesson signed by the director (how does one make a first film?) and the short film Mireille et Lucien with Aylin Yay and Serge Larivière in the main roles.
A very honest DVD, all in all.