Behind the scenes in Katanga

  • 25.02.2009

Thierry Michel is a passionate, relentless man. His favorite subject is Africa, particularly the Congo (formerly Zaire).
After Mobutu, King of Zaire and Congo River, the Belgian documentary-maker, still supported by Wallimage, has just completed a new documentary that looks like a financial thriller set against a backdrop of galloping globalization. This time, Thierry set up his camera in Katanga, a province that has always attracted Western interest for its rich subsoil. The Belgians haven’t been around for a long time, but there’s a real economic war going on in the region today. Who’s going to pocket the jackpot? Not the local workforce in any case, who take all the risks for a pittance. But does she have a choice?
The eagerly awaited Katanga business will be released in Belgium on April 1 (no, no, it’s not a fish, not even a Nile perch) and two weeks later in France. Before that, it will be previewed at Fespaco, which opens in Ouagadougou on February 28.
In the meantime, you can discover a fascinating interview with the director on the website Jeune Afrique