Casper, phase 2

  • 30.04.2010

All the files were examined in each fund by a regional manager assisted by an independent external expert, familiar with the very particular world of animation. At Wallimage, Philippe Moins, director of the famous Anima festival, played the role of luxury consultant. Her expert eye guided Stéphanie Hugé since, for this first level, the choices were not based on a strict rating grid (as for the selection of films supported by the fund), but rather on a global reflection. Objective and argued, of course.
This initial analysis was based on the artistic potential of the project, the overall financing plan and the novelty of the concept. Among others.

Once this first reading was completed, the six reviewers met at CRRAV for a plenary session. Objective: to compare opinions. Everyone could enthusiastically defend the issues they were excited about. In the end, six projects emerged, two from each fund. For the record, but without going into detail, four of his files were chosen unanimously.

The winners/nominees for the next round are

Majority Projects CRRAV :
Tuktulik by Fabienne Giezendanner produced by Studio Redfrog, Araneo and Walking The Dog
Theo Pet Vet by Frédéric Puech and Virgile Trouillot produced by Planetnemo, Frakas Productions and Skyline Film

Majority Projects VAF
Bo’s Bazar by Jan Bultheel produced by Vivi Film, Nozon and Virtuo / Art’fx
Zip et Saxo by David Merveille produced by Averbode Publishers, Wallywood and Planetnemo

Wallimage projects
Little Furry by Benoît Feroumont and Marie-Laure Guisset produced by Araneo, Walking the dog and Studio Red Frog
Toc-Toc by Xavier Steenman produced by Nexus Factory, Creative Conspirancy and Planetnemo

What will happen now? An agreement will be signed with each of the six producers who will receive a 10,000 euro pot. Not to go sunbathing in the Balearic Islands, but to develop his project, progress in the graphic part, flesh out the bible, etc.

At the end of September, the six 2.0 files. will be re-examined by the fund managers, experts and new jurors specialized in international sales, for example, in order to estimate the commercial potential of each series. The individual choices will then be compared in a new plenary session to select one or more winners. There is no question of playing Highlander (at the end there is only one left), nor of the School of Fans (all winners): all the projects that demonstrate real potential (at the beginning, we are counting on three winners), will be supported by the funds (gathered) so that a pilot can be developed in due form.

It goes without saying that, in accordance with the principles governing the funds, all expenditure on these pilots will have to be made in the 3 regions, which is not necessarily the case for the eventual series resulting from the pilot.

Casper is a first since here it is the funds that are at the initiative of an artistic development. A first already crowned with a certain prestige: the collaboration between the three organizations is ideal, the projects are exciting and the development prospects exhilarating.

Visit this site at the end of September to discover the profiles of the winners!