Creative Wallonia : a region that innovates and shows it !

  • 21.11.2011

As it is information that is most lacking and as ignorance feeds fear and gloom, the Walloon Region has decided to strike hard by organizing a creativity week. What is the objective? To show everyone that in Wallonia companies are developing everywhere and that in ten years, the region has not only made up for its lag in the new technologies sector, but that it is now at a level of excellence that many envy.

Wallimage was born at the crossroads of the 2nd and 3rd millennium. This is not a coincidence, but a key date that saw the region become aware of a series of shortcomings and imagine ways to remedy them. Since then, much more than before, Wallonia has accelerated the modernization of its economic fabric. One of the main orientations initiated by the Contrats d’Avenir and the various Marshall Plans was to strengthen the most innovative sectors: bio-technologies, aeronautics, sustainable development… and audiovisual! In spite of the European crisis, exciting results have been achieved in the area of foreign investments and exports.

The Creative Wallonia plan launched a year ago was intended to take a further step in the transformation of the Walloon industry.
Objective: to meet the challenges of today’s economy, which is based on permanent change.
Means: a program of measures that places creativity and innovation at the heart of Wallonia’s development, with the stated intention of making it its standard.
It is a global strategy that facilitates the transition from innovative prototype to commercialized product or service.

Until November 28, the Creativity Week highlights places where innovative practices and experiences are expressed: forum on creativity, web design contest, exhibition on the theme of new materials, unlikely meetings, design…

During this week, places of creativity and innovation will open their doors to the general public. Among them, a number of companies that dedicate their activity to audiovisual: Dreamwall/Keywall, Dame blanche Genval – Pôle Station6, Studio l’Équipe Wallonie, RTBF Mons, Le PIL with 6 to 8 exhibiting companies and its neighbor RTBF Liège Media Rives, Fishing Cactus, Acapela, Umons. Among others…

The program is long and enticing. To learn more about it, we recommend a careful visit to the magnificent ultra-dynamic site of Creative Wallonia : all the information is there and much more…