Four Wallimage films in the running for the Césars

  • 23.01.2009

And so, on February 27, at the 34th César awards ceremony for French cinema, we’ll be witnessing a singular but highly sympathetic fratricidal battle.
In the “Best Foreign Film” category, two films co-produced by Wallimage will compete. Face to face, Eldorado by Bouli Lanners and Le Silence de Lorna by the Dardenne brothers. Lovely, lovely double. Of course, there’s no guarantee that either of these two films will win, as the bar has been set high this year. All the more reason to be proud!
But with three nominations, Home takes the lion’s share of the Wallimage nominations. Ursula Meyer ‘s parable is thus in the running for the César for Best First Film. The other two potential awards for this strong, original work are in the technical field: Agnès Godard was nominated for the excellence of its photography, while the original sets, by Yvan Niclass (admittedly a little touched-up by Digital Graphics) were also noted by voters. Les Enfants de Timpelbach also won in this category, thanks toOlivier Raoux‘s outstanding work.
2009 is off to a great start for Wallimage. And it’s a year that’s just beginning…