Wallimage, all the press is talking about it

  • 04.02.2010

This is not real news for all readers of this site, but the news has caused quite a stir, as it emanates from the newspaper Le Soir . Immediately relayed by the Belga news agency, it made the rounds of news websites and daily newspapers.

The news? More like confirmation. The success of investments by the Wallimage/Bruxellimage fund. The verdict is indisputable: a triumph in Brussels and a real success in Wallonia. Because it’s obvious: this new inter-regional line doesn’t handicap the original fund in the slightest. On the contrary.

The initial stake of 1,820,000 euros, spread over 11 productions and two regions, enabled Wallimage ‘s mixed line to record producer spending of over 5.6 million euros in Brussels and almost 4 million euros in Wallonia. This represents 618% of public aid in Brussels and 434% in the Walloon Region (compared with an already exceptional average return of 350% for investments on the Walloon line alone).

The second part of this exciting dispatch is devoted to the European Commission’s green light for Wallimage’s aid scheme. The agreement, which covers the next five years, makes the Walloon Region’s film funding model an example for other European regions to follow.

No matter how convinced you are of the merits of your approach, it’s always good to see it recognized and echoed by all…