Everybody talks about Wallimage

  • 04.02.2010

For the regular readers of our website, this isn’t really news, but the information nevertheless made quite a buzz, because it stems from the paper Le Soir . News agency Belga immediately picked it up and it has been further spread along news sites and papers.

Which information? More like a confirmation. Of the success of the investments made by the Wallimage/Bruxellimage fund. The verdict is clear: it’s a triumph in Brussels and a real success in Wallonia. One thing is certain: the new interregional investment line is certainly not a handicap for the original fund. On the contrary.

The first investment, split between 11 productions and two regions, recorded producer expenses for more than 5.6 million Euro in Brussel and nearly 4 million Euro in Wallonia for Wallimage That means 618% of the public assistance in Brussels and 434% in the Walloon Region (compared to an already exceptional return of 350% for the investments of the Wallonia-only investment line)

The second part of the exciting news is devoted to the green light given by the European Commission to Wallimage’s aid system. The agreement, set for the next five years, makes the film financing model in the Walloon Region an example which could inspire other European regions.

It’s one thing to be convinced about the validity of your own approach, but it’s always good when it is acknowledged and echoed by everyone…