Faith, the Alleluia fanzine is online

  • 15.04.2014

The story of Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez, a small-time gigolo, has already been adapted several times for the cinema. Everyone is curious to see how Fabrice du Welz has revisited it with his favorite actor Laurent Lucas and a volcanic Lola Duenas.

To wait for the theatrical release, and especially to capture the attention of potential spectators, all fans of thrills, Panic which produces the film and Cuistax who is in charge of its promotion have imagined Faithan official electronic fanzine of the film that explores the secrets of the making ofAlleluia and dissects genre cinema in its themes. The project was proposed to Wallimage Crossmedia who decided to co-finance this initiative which is totally off the beaten track.

In this first issue, Fabrice du Wels comes back on his filmography and on the origins of Alleluia. In this issue: the backstage of the film, a look at the story of the Honeymoon Killers which inspired the director, but also many other filmmakers.

Faith will draw a selective cartography of criminal lovers in cinema, a recurrent subject in the 7th art, and will have some surprises in store for you!

From today, go HERE to follow and share the few issues of Faith and its unpublished content!