1st session of the Wallimage/Bruxellimage line dedicated to TV series

  • 01.10.2013

The first one was proposed by Stromboli Pictures and tells the story of three young adults, brothers and sisters who have to live… with the ghosts of their parents. The first season will be declined in 10 episodes of 52 minutes. The technical team is 100% Belgian, as well as the post production. At this stage, we do not yet know the casting of the series, but we know that Esprits de Famille will be very different from Melting Pot Café already signed by the duo Jean-Luc Goossens (script) and Jean-Marc Vervoort (direction). The tone here is reminiscent of Don’t Do This, Don’t Do That, Modern Family and Shameless. Lively and promising.

Already shot, partly at Dreamwall and Keywall in Marcinelle, the second season of Metal Howling Chronicles follows the same principles as the first, but with more experience. This French-British television series by Guillaume Lubrano adapts some stories published in the French science-fiction comics magazine “Métal Hurlant”. The series is similar to an anthology of short films. The first season of 6 episodes of 26 minutes was broadcast on France 4. It has been sold in 40 countries around the world and relies on a wide range of actors, including the Belgian Lygie Duvivier. It’s fun, a little kitsch, quite spectacular and relaxing. Very inventive, especially. The series is co-produced in Belgium by Belvision and Nexus Factory.

The third series selected is piloted by Be Films, like Which is Witch, a project already co-financed by Wallimage. The profiles of the two works are quite similar; so are the production and shooting structures. My Bleeping Life will thus include 26 episodes of 26 minutes, filmed in Liege, mainly in the PIL studios, which, for the occasion, inaugurate a 4th set. This is a story about an alien robot that accidentally breaks into the life of a fourteen year old girl and her family. A bargain? Not really. The intruder will cause a series of cascading disasters, for if he is programmed to be infallible… in another galaxy, he can also turn a peaceful family’s existence into an interstellar disaster. Like Which is Witch, My Bleeping life is the prototype of series built to achieve an international career on teen channels. Efficiency guaranteed.

The Board of Directors also decided to support the dubbing into French of the successful Flemish crime series Salamander, which, after being bought by the BBC, could be broadcast on RTBF.