First financing session of the new Wallimage/Bruxellimage option for television series.

  • 01.10.2013

The first, presented by Stromboli Pictures, is the story of three young adults, brothers and sisters who need to learn how to live with … the ghosts of their parents. The first season will consist of 10 episodes of 52 minutes each. The crew is 100% Belgian, as is the post-production. At this stage, we don’t know anything yet about the cast, but we do know that Esprits de Famille will be very different from Melting Pot Café, made by the same duo, Jean-Luc Goossens (screenplay) and Jean-Marc Vervoort (directing). The tone is similar to Fais pas ci, Fais pas ça, Modern Family and Shameless.

The second series has already been filmed, partially at the Dreamwall and Keywall studios. It is a second season for Metal Hurlant Chronicles, which builds on the principles of the first season. This French-British by Guillaume Lubrano adapts several stories published in the French science-fiction comic magazine “Métal Hurlant”. The series is set up as an anthology of short films. The first season, consisting of 6 episodes of 26 minutes each, was broadcast on France 4. It was sold in over 40 countries worldwide and has a very diverse cast, among whom Belgian actress Lygie Duvivier. The series is fun, a little kitsch, rather spectacular and entertaining, but above all very inventive. Belvision and Nexus Factory co-produce in Belgium.

Finally, the third series is presented by Be Films, they are also behind Which is Witch, already supported by Wallimage. Both series have a similar profile; such is also the case for the production and shooting structures. My Bleeping Life will consist of 26 episodes of 26 minutes each, filmed in Liège, for the most part at the PIL studios, where a 4th set has been opened. It is the story of an alien robot that, by coincidence, disrupts the life of a fourteen year old girl and her family. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly a godsend. The intruder will cause a series of catastrophes, as while he is programmed to be perfect in another galaxy, this means he can also transform the existence of a peaceful family into an interstellar disaster. Much like Which is Witch, My Bleeping Life is the prototype of a series destined to a career on international youth channels.

Finally, the board of directors also gave the green light to the dubbing of the successful Flemish police series Salamander. After being bought by the BBC, there is thus also a good chance that it will be broadcast on the RTBF.