A 78th session between laughter and horror, humor and mad love

  • 02.02.2016

(the first collaboration between Wallimage and Michael Rundskop was a real success)

After the international triumph of Rundskop, Michael Roskam was drawn to the United States where he directed When Night Comes with Tom Hardy, James Gondolfini, Noomi Rapace and Matthias Schoenaerts. Before going back there, he is about to shoot a new flamboyant film in Belgium, still produced by Savage, The Faithful.

For the third time, he will team up with his favorite actor (Schoenaerts) for a surprising feature film on the background of grand-banditism. As in Rundskop, Roskam is inspired by a real event (the spectacular heists of the Haemers gang) to imagine a story centered on an individual, Gigi, a very crazy handsome man who falls madly in love with a young racing driver, heiress of a rich industrialist, Bibi (Adèle Exarchopoulos). This lightning encounter will lead the two lovebirds to their downfall in a love story that juggles with the clichés of the melo. To refine his story, Michael called upon the French specialist Thomas Bidegain, already author of the screenplay for De Rouille et d’os.

” Le Fidèle is Un Homme et Une Femme meets Goodfellas “, explains Michael Roskam in his note of intent where we discover his passion for Claude Lelouch.

The film, shot partly in Wallonia (11 days), should be completed by January 2017.

(this is the third time that Wallimage and Dany Boon team up in Belgium)

Dany Boon loves Belgium, it’s no secret. It is here that he likes to work with Belgian technicians. For the second time, after Supercondriac, he teams up with Artemis production for an action comedy with an evocative title.

In Raid Dingue, Johanna Pasquali, alias “JO”, is a cop like no other : she is lousy ; absent-minded, dreamy and clumsy. Basically, she has an annoying tendency to screw up.  However, she is convinced that she can become the best of the best… in the RAID. Naturally, all of his attempts to get in are invariably doomed to failure. Until his father, a minister, gets involved. Not to favor her approach, but, on the contrary, to try to disgust her once and for all. For that, everyone counts on Eugène Froissard, in charge of his training, a first-rate poissard that Dany Boon will play. Very funny, the scenario of Raid Dingue promises a spectacular comedy whose numerous special effects will be realized by the Walloon company Benuts.


In a completely different register (to say the least) Frakas brought us a very attractive Belgian-Irish-Spanish file : Muse is a horror thriller, signed by Jaume Balaguero, the greatest Spanish genre director. We owe him some already “classic” works such as The Sect with no name, Darkness, the Rec series (minus the 3rd episode), Fragile or Malevolence. In other words, a faultless career. We can therefore trust him to transform the baroque scenario that was proposed to us, into a gothic pearl, in line with the masterpieces of Argento. On the myth of the Muses, Balaguero builds a contemporary plot where Samuel, a university professor living in Ireland, is traumatized by the suicide of his young mistress. A year later, he has a frightening dream every day where a woman is murdered by other disturbing ladies, flanked by a little girl… The great Walloon challenge of this film, which will be partly shot here (10 days), will be taken on by the Liège company Mikros, which is in charge of all the special effects. And there are many !
Whereas until now, a distinction was made between the ” classics ” sessions of Wallimage and the animation and TV series sessions, the Walloon fund has now decided to co-finance all audiovisual genres during each of its sessions ! And to start : a project proposed by Panique production.


Benjamin Renner, the director of Ernest and Celestine (with Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier) is back in business with a series of three 26-minute animated shorts that can be programmed separately or together, on television… or in theaters. Theatrical distribution (theaters and festivals) is indeed more and more interested in this format. However, in the current production strategies, the diversification of distribution standards is important. The TV Special is a very promising format. The distribution in theaters with very honorable scores of La Bûche de Noël or Le Parfum de la carotte by Arnaud Demuynck and Rémi Durin is the proof.

This new project is a compilation of three tales imagined by Benjamin Renner that the author has already adapted into comics. The animation will be done on a computer and a graphic tablet to remain as faithful as possible to the original drawings and their watercolor rendering, wilder than that ofErnest and Celestine, which is more raw.

The Walloon industry will of course be particularly involved in this project Digital graphics will take care of the compositing and rendering, Mute and solo will take care of the sound editing and mixing, Dame Blanche will take care of the music and sound effects recording while BabelSub will take care of the subtitling for the hearing impaired, for the audio description and the English version.