Grace of Monaco graces the Cannes Festival with its presence

  • 25.01.2014

Wallimage, who co-financed the film, were thrilled to hear this Friday afternoon announcement. Grace of Monaco will be released in cinemas in France and a great number of cities worldwide on the same day, the Festival added in their communication.

The release in the United States, originally scheduled for 29th January 2014, had been pushed back to 14th March. According to the American magazine Hollywood Reporter, Weinstein Co. has taken the film off its release calendar without announcing a new date. There exists a conflict between Dahan and his producers, as they are each opting for a very different version of the film. The Festival did not announce which version will be screened.

Olivier Dahan’s film, says the Festival, focuses on a moment in American actress Grace Kelly’s life, who is at the top of her fame when she marries Prince Rainier III (Tim Roth) in 1956 and becomes Grace of Monaco.

Six years later, when she is having trouble with her new role as a princess, Alfred Hitchcock offers her a chance to return to Hollywood to star in his new film “Marnie”. At the same time, France threatens to tax or even annex Monaco, the tiny country she is now the monarch of.

Produced by Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, Uday Chopra and Arash Amel, who also wrote the screenplay, the film also stars Frank Langella, Parker Posey, Jeanne Balibar, Sir Derek Jacobi and Paz Vega, who plays Maria Callas.

The biopic was filmed in Monaco, but also in the South of France, Paris, Vintimille, Ghent and Brussels.