Illégal wins the Valois d’Or in Angoulême

  • 29.08.2010

Illégal wins the Valois d’Or in Angoulême

Big news! Illégal, co-produced by Wallimage, won the Valois d’Or, awarded to the best film at the Francophone Film Festival in Angoulême. The jury, presided by Nathalie Baye, also starred Micheline Presle and Émilie Dequenne.

It is not the first prize won by Olivier Masset-Depasse’s newest, as it already won the SACD prize during the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes. This humanist thriller is also one of the three finalists for the European Parliament’s Lux Award and will therefore be shown during the upcoming Mostra in Venice.

Illégal has been presented at the festivals of Munich and Palic (Serbia) since its feature in Cannes. Soon it will also be at the Göteborg Festival, and it will open the International Francophone Film Festival in Namur on 1 October. It is in the running for the Bayard d’Or.

After this warm-up, Illégal will be out in Belgium on 6 October, distributed by O’Brother Distribution, a structure set up by his appointed producers, the Bronckaert brothers (Versus).