Liège in pole position

  • 18.02.2009

WFX already offers 2D and 3D digital visual effects services, and plans to rapidly expand its offering to include digital postproduction.

Since January, an initial team of graphic designers has been in place for the first project: Coco avant Chanel byAnne Fontaine, produced by Haut et Court. Gilles Marchand ‘s L’Autre Monde, co-produced by Haut et Court and Versus, will get underway in the coming weeks. A total of 7 films have already been signed for 2009, including two supported by Wallimage: L’Autre Monde and Ne te retourne pas by Marina de Van, an Ex Nihilo co-production, and Entre Chien et Loup. In this story, which flirts with psychological fantasy, Sophie Marceau is gradually transformed into Monica Belluci. The tests for these spectacular effects were carried out at Mikros Image in Paris, the bulk of the work was done at Victor 3D in Genval, and the finishing touches were added by WFX in Liège!

Clearly, the financial mechanisms put in place by the Walloon region, such as the Tax Shelter and Wallimage support, favor Franco-Belgian productions and have a major structuring effect on the Walloon film industry. “That’s one of the reasons why we decided to set up in Liège,” confirms Maurice Prost.

For the time being, WFX is based in Ans, next to Cotoon. Five graphic designers are already in place to handle the first projects. Within a few months, WFX will have around twenty graphic designers and five people to support them.