Micha and Bernard spearhead Wallimage at FIFF

  • 24.09.2009

We’ve known for some time that La Régate, a film by Walloon director Bernard Bellefroid, would be presented at the Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur. Now that the official program has been made public, we can specify that the world premiere of this feature-length film is scheduled for Wednesday October 7 at 21.30 at theEldorado 1, and that the film will take part in the competition. La Régate will also be screened the following day, Thursday 8th, at 4.15pm.

Another feature film, co-financed by Wallimage and never before seen in Belgium, will be part of the official selection. On October 3, Micha Wald will be offering Walloon audiences The wild adventures of Simon Konianski. Acinapolis will host the film at 8:30pm and the Caméo at 9:15pm.

As always, the FIFF is also an opportunity to catch up on Belgian films that we might have missed during the season. Or, why not, to see them again. There are three Wallimage films in this section: Home, by Ursula Meier (not to be confused with…, you know the drill) will be shown on October 5, 9:30 am at theEldorado. The next day, same venue, same time, Le Silence de Lorna will be titillating Namur audiences. The day after that, it’s Joachim Lafosse‘s turn forÉlève Libre.