Mr. Nobody, elected best European film of the year by the public

  • 06.12.2010

In 1988, some of the most influential European filmmakers met in Berlin. Their goal was to come up with an alternative for the American Oscars and reward the best films produced on the old continent. The European Film Academy was born and with it, the European Film Awards.

On Saturday, the 23rd Gala took place in Tallinn, and you can watch it in its entirety on the net . The site lists all winners of this edition dominated by Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer, which won six awards (out of 17!). But we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t to point out that there’s one category in particular which interests us very much, as this year’s Prize of the Public has been won by Wallimage-co-production Mr. Nobody.

Jaco van Dormael’s sumptuous trip has had a turbulent release, especially in France, and divided the press between ecstatic praise and bored incomprehension, but has fired up the public thanks to its audacity, depth and originality, and Jaco will be the first to admit: that’s what counts. Of course, the Mr.Nobody-releases on digital media (we recommend the Blu-ray version) only helped build its reputation, because if one films merits multiple visions, this is the one.
Long live Nobody, and thank you, dear public!