Mr Nobody, voted best European film of the year by the public

  • 06.12.2010

In 1988, some of the most influential European filmmakers met in Berlin. Objective: to offer an alternative to the American Oscars by rewarding the best films produced on the old continent. The European Film Academy was born and so was the European Film Awards ceremony.

On Saturday, it is in Tallinn that was organized the 23rd gala that we can relive in full on the Net . The website lists all the winners of an edition dominated by Roman Polanski ‘s The Ghost Writer, which won six awards (out of 17!). But chauvinists among the chauvinists, it’s the audience prize (awarded via the Web) that we will particularly mention since it was awarded this year to a film with the Wallimage label: Mr Nobody.

Jaco van Dormael‘s sumptuous delirium, which had a hectic theatrical release, especially in France, and divided the press between ecstatic excitement and bored incomprehension, has inflamed the public with its audacity, depth and originality. Jaco will be the first to confirm this: that’s the main thing. Naturally, the arrival of Mr. Nobody on digital media (we recommend the Blu-ray edition) has only amplified its reputation, because if there is a film that can be rewatched a multitude of times, it is this one.
Long live Nobody, and thank you public !