Nine Magritte for Wallimage

  • 06.02.2017

Favourite of the competition (neck and neck with The Economy of the Couple, which goes away empty-handed), the First the Last was crowned best film of 2016 and Bouli Lanners, very moved, best director. Earlier in the evening, David Murgia had been logically crowned with a Magritte of the second role for his incredible composition of a light moron, endearing in the devil, totally overwhelming. Two technical prizes completed this triumph: a Magritte for the best sets for Paul Rouschop and another for the best costumes for Elise Ancion, Bouli’s partner. A fireworks display!

Awarded at Cannes, nominated for Oscars and Césars (among others), the Red Turtle, a sumptuous animated film, without any dialogue, left with the title of best foreign film in co-production and a Magritte for best sound for Matthieu Michaux, the Belgian link in this work of Benedictine.

Two wonderful actresses brought the Walloon fund their ultimate satisfaction: the young and provocative Salomé Richard was promoted to best female hope while Astrid Whettnall, ex aequo with Virginie Efira, was crowned for her dazzling performance in Sur la route d’Istambul, initially a TV movie that Scope Pictures had the bright idea of releasing in Belgium.