PAF, to the movies with my blind friend

  • 30.06.2015

Technically, a voice-over that describes the visual elements of the work is placed between the dialogues or the significant sound elements.
In the cinema, the visually impaired person is equipped with a headset that allows him or her to follow the film in the company of sighted spectators. For TV content – as for DVDs – audio description and special subtitles are available in the configuration options.

Very technical and complex, it is a discipline that cannot be improvised, requires talent and expertise.

This is the reason why the PAF was born. PAF is a media accessibility and post-production service provider, providing audiovisual audio description and subtitling services for the deaf and hard of hearing.  From the point of view of film producers, the use of PAF services is considered an eligible expense by Wallimage Coproductions and the Tax-Shelter

Respecting the French Charter of Audiodescription, PAF offers audiodescription of films, but also of live shows and events. It brings together authors – artists from various backgrounds -, visually impaired people and voice professionals
His work is structured in four stages:

– Analysis of the film and writing of the audio description by a duo of authors
– Supervision by visually impaired persons
– Recording by voice professionals, supervised by an artistic director
– Sound mixing, technical work and setting on support

PAF, which already has a website, invites everyone to join us in September for its launch on social networks and its event #aucinéavecmonpoteaveugle!

We’ll talk about it again, of course.