Panic in Genval-les-Dames

  • 25.11.2008

Genval-les-Dames is a sound studio dedicated to cinema. Last year’s recording of the now cult Quelque chose de Wallonie also proved that good music can be recorded here.

A first initiative, confirmed this weekend with an extraordinary session.

The French rock band Dionysos discreetly took possession of the stage (to avoid crowds of fans). It wasn’t a question of the charismatic Mathias Malzieu ‘s horde putting together a sequel to his Mécanique du Coeur, but of capturing a few tracks for the soundtrack to Panique au Village.

The musicians from Dionysos, who have known Patar and Aubier since their early days (the Belgian duo directed the superb video for Coccinelle, the French duo’s first hit), have agreed to compose and perform the opening and closing credits, as well as the film’s final track. Classy!

So it’s in front of Panic in the VillageThe Valencian rockers recorded their music and lyrics as they would in a Hollywood studio, joined for certain passages by the animal choir, whose members can be seen here. Etienne Dontainethe sound engineer from Genval-les-Dames, pushed behind the microphone by Philippe Kauffmann. In fact, the film’s producer provided us with some photos of the session.

A little betrayal for a nice exclusive…