Panic at Genval-les-Dames

  • 25.11.2008

As we all know, Genval-les-Dames is a sound studio working in the cinema field. Last year the recording of the already cult hit Quelque chose de Wallonie showed that it was also possible to record good music there.

A first initiative which was confirmed this week-end with a totally extraordinary session.

Very discretely (as to avoid hordes of fans) the French rock group Dionysos took over the premises. It was not yet time for charismatic lead singer Mathias Malzeu’s band to make a follow-up album for Mécanique du Coeur but they were there to record a few songs for the OST of Panique au Village.

These musicians who already knew Patar and Aubier since their debut (they are the Belgian duo who directed the clip for Coccinelle, the first hit of the group) have accepted to compose and interpret the opening and closing titles of the movie as well as the ending music of the movie. Winner!

So it was in front of images out of Panique au Village, just like in the big Hollywood studios, that the rockers from Valence recorded lyrics and music, helped in certain places by the animal choir amidst which we can see Etienne Dontaine, Genval-les-Dames sound engineer but pushed behind the microphone by Philippe Kauffmann. By the way, it’s the movie’s producer who shared some photos of the session.

Just a little betrayal for some exclusivity …