The PIL is fully loaded!

  • 09.09.2010

The arrival of WFX confirms the attractiveness of the cluster. The Belgian subsidiary of the French groupMikros . Wfx is on a roll and its order book is particularly full. One of the keys to the arrival was precisely that it was necessary to guarantee an extremely precise timing in order not to destabilize its schedules.

A few examples? WFX will produce the special effects for the movie Largo Winch 2, a European blockbuster with a budget of 30.000.000€ that will be released on February 18th 2011. No time to procrastinate, then… The work will begin before the move and end in the new location. Starting in October, WFX is also setting up a training program for some thirty students with Technifutur, while Memnon will start digitizing archives for Sonuma at the end of November. This prestigious task, awarded following the first of many tenders, is worth several million euros. Given the highly competitive market in this sector, promises and deadlines must be met to the letter.

After the arrival of Wallimage Entreprises in its capital, here is a second determining impulse recorded by the Pôle Image liégeois in this capital re-entry for him.