Supported by Wallimage Entreprises, Screenity makes the news

  • 03.09.2013

By downloading RTL’s new mobile feature, the listener or viewer will have the possibility to try the fingerprinting experience. It will now be possible to take a piece of audiovisual content viewed or heard to draw additional information such as a video, an additional explanation text, a reference to a site… The functionality will be presented in the form of a timeline on which events – such as polls, additional information, games, interactive ads – will appear.

This amazing interactivity was made possible thanks to the creativity and professionalism of Screenity’s experts, combined with the state-of-the-art audio recognition technology developed by Gracenote. The Liège subsidiary of Tapptic, the Belgian mobile market leader and designer of innovative applications for all screens, Screenity’s mission is to enrich content through various solutions (QR code, NFC, Geotag, image recognition, audio synchronization, etc.). These allow its users, potentially TV stations, radio stations, print media and advertisers, to identify their audiences and create new interactions with viewers/readers equipped with smartphones or tablets.

By becoming a shareholder of Screenity, Wallimage Entreprises wished to support this particularly convincing product, which is in line with current developments in the media market. Indeed, the Liège subsidiary was created to respond to the strong growth in mobile and web usage from a mobile terminal, to the development of the Second Screen concept (mobile users use their smartphone or tablet simultaneously with another medium) and to the growing need for immediacy (information arrives in real time and is “pushed” to the user). The amount invested by Wallimage Entreprises should allow it to communicate on the product and to make the brand known through an efficient marketing campaign. It is obviously on the right track!