Team spirit in Bierges

  • 19.03.2010

The reputation of Studio l’Équipe (link) is now seriously established. The quality of the equipment made available to professionals and the professionalism of the staff working there is no longer to be praised. For half a century, the studio has been working with most of the prominent Belgian technicians. Until very recently, the studio had a single Belgian branch in Evere, a formidable post-production space nestled in high-tech premises. It offers a full range of services dedicated to image, sound, DVD’s and subtitling. Machines, but people too: every stage of the creative process is supervised by a staff of 75 sound and image specialists.

Was it conceivable to transpose this expertise to Wallonia? “Yes,” said the studio’s managers, who, as soon as the opportunity arose, bought an old music school in Bierges and transformed the auditorium into one of Europe’s finest mixing studios. The acoustics have been specially designed and the consoles deployed are among the most powerful in Europe.


What is the point of this approach? The Studio l’Équipe Wallonie now offers to producers the possibility to sound and mix their works in the best possible conditions (Dolby SR-SRD mixing) while benefiting from the financial support of Wallimage Coproductions. The company also allows the editing of images and sounds. As in France and Brussels, other activities are set to expand rapidly.

After WFX in Liège, L’Équipe is the second French-speaking film giant to firmly establish itself in Wallonia. With more and more products on offer, productions of all kinds can now find a solution in southern Belgium that suits their ambitions and resources.

The first film to be mixed there was La Prima Linea, an Italian drama co-produced by the Dardenne brothers and co-financed by Wallimage.


Studio l’Equipe Wallonie, 24 rue de Genval in 1301 Bierges
Tel. 010 75 05 50 / Fax. 0210 75 05 59