Team spirit

  • 02.06.2010

Three of the films awarded at Cannes have something in common that has nothing to do with their theme, the actors involved or even the producers. This common point is Belgian and technical.

Illégal, co-financed by Wallimage and awarded the SACD prize, L’Homme qui crie (The Screaming Man), the first Chadian film to win a prize at Cannes, and Copie Conforme (Copy Conformed), for which Juliette Binoche won a much-awaited interpretation prize, have all passed through the hands of Studio l’Équipe .

The original negative ofOlivier Masset-Depasse ‘s highly acclaimed film was developed in the laboratories of Studio l’Équipe. The transfer of the rushes via the Spirit telecine, the image editing as well as the mixing in digital dolby were also done there. Illégal was finally soundtracked and mixed in SRD at Studio l’Équipe.

For Copie Conforme by Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, subtitling was provided by LTI, the team’s specialist subtitling department.
From the development of the original negative to the sound editing and mixing, many stages of the post-production ofUn homme qui crie, which won the Jury Prize in the Official Competition, also spent a lot of time in our regions.

A nice trifecta that has not gone unnoticed by audiovisual professionals.