The European Commission recognizes the regional dimension of film culture

  • 19.11.2013

“I will make sure that in the final proposal the principle of territorialization related to the aids is formulated in such a way that there is a fair balance between the European dimension of our film industry and the preservation of local resources and know-how”: these were the terms used by the Vice-President of the European Commission, Mr. Joaquín Almunia, in a letter recently sent to Cine-Regio

The members of Cine-Regio, the European coordination structure for regional funds, welcome the new Commission Communication on state aid to cinematographic and other audiovisual works, as a sign that promises are being kept. Both in the letter of Vice-President Almunia and in the new text of the Communication on cinema, the main concerns of Cine-Regio, especially regarding the territorialization and the right of the European regions to decide on their own cultural policy, have been addressed.

Mr. Philippe Reynaert, President of Cine-Regio: “I am delighted to see that the Commission recognizes the regional dimension of film culture and makes an explicit reference to regional culture in the new text.

The 2001 Cinema Communication referred only to national cultural criteria and Member States without taking into account the role of regional funds and their competence on the ground.

“In this Cinema Communication we have a clear local/regional reference and the new text allows regions to require that a certain amount be spent on local goods, services and jobs, to be defined by the region. Territorialisation does have positive effects, especially on the preservation of cultural identity, the creation of a critical mass of audiovisual activities and solidarity between regions, especially through the facilitation of co-production projects,” concludes Ms Charlotte Appelgren, Secretary General of Cine-Regio.

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