4th Magritte of the cinema : again the double for Wallimage

  • 02.02.2014

Already winner of the César for best animated film and candidate for an Oscar next March, adapted from the universe of the Belgian Gabrielle Vincent also won the Magritte for best sound.

Nominated ten times, Tango Libre won the trophies for best screenplay for Anne Paulicevich (aphone) and Philippe Blasband and for best set design (Véronique Sacrez).

Among the technical awards, let’s also note the Magritte for best costumes which went to Catherine Marchand for Vijay and I and the one for best original music to Ozark Henry for The World Belongs to Us.

The only prize awarded by the public, that of the First Film, went to Une Chanson pour ma mère by Joël Franka.

The last trophy to be awarded by Wallimage/Bruxellimage is that of Benoit Poelvoorde, named best actor of the year for his performance in Une Place sur la Terre by Fabienne Godet, who came to collect the prize in the actor’s absence.

For the rest, Pauline Étienne won the Magritte for best actress for The NunLaurent Capelluto for best supporting actor for Time for adventurewhile in the U23 category, Pauline Burlet from Montpellier and Achile Ridolfi won respectively for The Past by Asghar Farhadi and In the Name of the Son by Vincent Lannoo.

Broadcast live on BeTV, this sparkling ceremony will be (re)seen in a slightly edited version on Thursday on TV5 Monde (preceded by Dead man talking, except for France and Belgium) and next Friday at 9 pm on the third channel of RTBF.