The revised 2024 regulations will apply from the January session.

  • 16.01.2024

The changes can be summarized as follows:

3.2.1. definition of independent producer

3.2.2. To be eligible to apply, producers must have a certain level of experience.

3.6.1. Green obligations clarified

7.2. Clarification that non-Walloon HR service providers are not eligible for commissions

7.3.2. : Important clarifications on eligibility criteria and procedures for rental companies

7.3.3. A. Clarification on the eligibility of non-Walloon managers

7.4. Details of eligible production teams

Appendix 3 : Amendment to insurance policies, which are now only eligible if they are taken out as such by the producer himself.

Among the amended points, we draw your attention to an important change that has been approved by the Board of Directors (7.1. of the regulations).

From now on, ancillary filming expenses in Walloniasuch as the purchase and rental of furniture and accessories, various materials, raw materials, etc., the rental and fitting out of sets (excluding studios), animals, buses, cars, weapons, jewelry, manufacturers, various hair and make-up purchases, various costume purchases and rentals (excluding audiovisual companies), security, production offices, ancillary premises, space rental, canteen, small production equipment, set storage, restoration of shooting locations, catering and, more generally all costs not related to audiovisual service providers/companies are no longer eligible.

This essential change is designed to facilitate the work of producers, which we know to be tedious in view of the constraints imposed by the various funding bodies. We also hope it will speed up the fund’s processing of expense verification files.

We have carried out a number of analyses on closed files and found that this change had very little impact on the expense ratios encountered. We will of course take this development into account in our future analyses.

In return, the location of the shoot or part of the shoot in Wallonia becomes a fund assessment criterion: each day of shooting in Wallonia will therefore generate points in the internal analysis grid used to assess applications.

Please note that if these announced shooting days are not met, a prorating system will be applied (the methodology can be explained to you on request).

Producers will be able to ask questions on the modified points by e-mail, or more informally at the preliminary videocalls which will be organized, as usual, before the submission of sessions, from Tuesday January 9 to Wednesday January 17.


Session calendar

Session 1

  • Deposit: January 18, 2024
  • Producer meetings: February 05-06, 2024
  • Decentralized Coproduction Council: February 19, 2024

Session 2

  • Deposit date: March 21, 2024
  • Producer meetings: April 08-09, 2024
  • Decentralized Coproduction Council: April 15, 2024

Session 3

  • Deposit date: June 03, 2024
  • Producer meetings: June 19-20, 2024
  • Decentralized Coproduction Council: July 1, 2024

Session 4 “MASTER

  • Deposit date: September 05, 2024
  • Producer meetings: September 23-24, 2024
  • Decentralized Coproduction Council: October 7, 2024

Session 5

  • Deposit date: November 14, 2024
  • Producer meetings: December 02-03, 2024
  • Decentralized Coproduction Council: December 16, 2024