The fall of the wall, the irresistible rise of animation.

  • 05.12.2016

The most unexpected file is probably Fritzi was there, an animated feature co-produced by Germany, the Czech Republic and Belgium. This beautiful project, which takes place just before the fall of the Berlin Wall, is a story of heartbreaking friendship between two young girls suddenly separated by a border that is considered impassable. Spending in Wallonia is very structuring for Digital Graphics. Especially since the film is carried by values that are less and less in vogue in our society: peaceful commitment, renunciation of violence, listening to the Other and solidarity. We can’t wait to see the result… but we’ll have to wait until 2019 for the commemoration of the opening of the borders between East and West.


Belvision has offered to co-produce 52 episodes in 3D of the second season of Boule et Bill. The first season was a great commercial success as it was sold in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, China and Hong Kong. Among other things… More than one and a half million euros will be invested in Dreamwall Studios who will work on the project for six months. A classic project in the best sense of the word.


For the first time ever, uMedia also brought us an animation project. The second season of Miss Milly Questions consists of 52 episodes of 7 minutes each, both entertaining and educational. Through original settings (2D cartoon animation on photographic backgrounds), the authors will address themes that are all related to living together: freedom of expression, democracy, secularism, the environment … If uMedia co-produces this essentially French project is because the Walloon studio Waooh! will work on the storyboards, on the animation of 50% of the episodes, but also on the compositing and rendering. The project is therefore crucial for the people of Liege, who are concentrating year after year on a major project to be implemented. This one will keep them busy in 2017!