The Unstoppable Growth of Animation!

  • 05.12.2016

Here, the most unexpected dossier is probably Fritzi était là, a feature-length animated film co-produced by Germany, the Czech Republic and by Artemis in Belgium. This is a friendship story between two young girls who suddenly get separated by an insurmountable barrier… The story takes place just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The expenditures made in Wallonia will benefit Digital Graphics, a Liège company currently experiencing a resurgence. Exploring the essential values of commitment, pacifism and solidarity, the film will be released in 2019 for the commemorations.


Belvision brought us an ambitious project in co-production, consisting of 52 episodes in 3D of the second season of “Boule et Bill”. The first season was an enormous commercial success while it’s been sold in Switzerland, Holland, Turkey, Canada, China and Hong-Kong – to name a few! More than €1.5 million will be invested in Dreamwall Sudios, which will be working on the project for six months. It is a classic project in the most positive sense of the word.


For the very first time, uMedia has presented us with a – majority French- animated series. It consists of 52 episodes of seven fun and educational minutes each, for the second season of “Miss Milly Questions”. Through this creative setup, the authors deal with society topics like the freedom of expression, democracy, laicism, the environment… the Walloon studio Waooh! will collaborate on the storyboards, the animation of 50% of episodes, as well as the compositing and the final product. This is a major project for these folks from Liège and a great opportunity for them to work on a big production which will keep them busy throughout 2017!