Three popular fictions and a documentary on the menu of the 52nd Wallimage session

  • 23.10.2014

Several large international co-productions have been selected by the Wallimage Board of Directors.

A little job offered to us by Scope will mix the offbeat humor of the Coen brothers, a social universe worthy of Ken Loach and dialogues that we would have heard in the first delicious delusions of Bertrand Blier.
Adapted from a novel by Ian Levinson, they are signed by Michel Blanc who will not direct the film, but will play in it. Un Petit boulot will be directed by Pascal Chaumeil, the man who shook up the French box office with L’Arnacoeur, then Un Plan Parfait.
Alongside Michel Blanc, the lead role will be played by Romain Duris, with also Denis Ménochet, Sarah Forestier, Daniel Prévost and a crisp Belgian duo consisting of Bouli Lanners and François Damiens.
The “little job” of the title is that of a hitman entrusted to a guy who has just lost his job and finds in this opportunity a way to temporarily get out of poverty. But do you become a hitman? The answer begins on March 2, 2005 with two weeks of shooting in Belgium.

We remain in the stylized thriller with The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun, a project co-produced in Belgium by Versus.
Those who have read this classic by Sébastien Japrisot(L’Eté meurtrier) know that we will follow a pretty, myopic blonde driving a big American car. In the trunk… a surprise. But nothing in this poisonous story, scripted by Gilles Marchand(Harry, a friend who wants to do you good) and Patrick Godeau is due to chance.
Joan SfarThe author of cult comics who made it to the big screen with the ambitious Gainsbourg vie héroïque, promises a plunge into the golden sixties with an astonishing cast: the Englishwoman Freya Mavor (The White Queen, The Misfits) will be the heroine of this dreamlike road movie flanked by Elio Germano, Benjamin Biolay and Stacy Martin (Nymphomaniac).
21 days out of the 45 were shot in Belgium (17 in Wallonia). The editing and sound work will be done in-house as well as the special effects which will be done by BeDigital.

There is only one step from dreamlike to fantastic. From pretty ethereal blondes to ghostly female creatures too. uMedia will soon co-produce Yann Samuel‘s new film, The Canterville Ghost, a short story by Oscar Wilde that has been reworked into a funny and offbeat family adventure.
In a castle in the heart of Brittany lives the ghost of Eleanor of Canterville. She hates to be disturbed and takes a very dim view of the arrival of a Parisian family determined to taste the joys of the countryside and the fresh air.
All the young actors of this film are currently wanted in Belgium by ADK Kasting. The filming will be entirely done in Wallonia, as will the image editing (at the Baraque à films) and the sound postproduction (at Dame Blanche Genval).

The fourth and last project is a very intriguing documentary about the Empain dynasty. The general public knows little about this incredible family. One remembers especially the spectacular kidnapping of Édouard-Jean Empain at the beginning of 78, which inspired Lucas Belvaux in his film Rapt. Starting from this striking news item, Tanguy Cortier will review a century of capitalism through a hallucinating family saga. Adapted from the book by Yvon Toussaint (Fayard editions), Une histoire capitaliste (les six barons Empain) produced by To do Today will be post-produced by Mikros and SoniPil and first programmed on Arte and RTBF.