Cineuropa salutes Wallonia's technical industry

  • 12.01.2009

The snow may have covered the whole of Belgium, but let’s make no mistake: the vacations are well and truly over, and at Wallimage (as almost everywhere else), it’s all hands on deck. The crew is ready to take on new challenges, to prove that there is no fatality. “Yes we can”, as the other guy would say.

The avowed (and realistic) aim: to do as well as 2008, which was a year of crisis in many respects, but also, as many would point out, a rather exceptional year for cinema activity in Wallonia.

The proof is this glowing article from Cineuropa published online on December 22. In it, the reference site for European 7th art raves about the rapid and radical transformation of the Walloon landscape, which is becoming a pioneer in the field of new image technologies.

Yes, between Mons and Liège, something exceptional has been born and continues to grow. Wallimage is intimately linked to this. Will the Walloons themselves be the last to notice?